1. RMMZ looking for plugin that does the same as Event Chase Player (YEP) but for RMMZ

    i need to have enemy on the map see me if i get in line of sight then make a sound/show balloon icon then follow me and on player touch start a battle Event Chase Player (YEP) did this but i cant seem to find a decent replacement
  2. bluevegas02

    Requesting MV's goddess and god sv battler animated

    Hello, If someone or anyone could do what's below, I will forever worship the ground you walk on xD. Resource Type: Animated SV_Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I would love to have an animated sv battler for the RTP goddess battler. In addition, I've already seen the...
  3. Bernkastelwitch

    Any generator parts for Insect parts, tentacles, or Merfolk?

    My game has some more non-human characters including some insect-like people, some Mermaids and mermen, and a race of people with parasite-like tentacles/tendrils coming out of them. I have been looking everywhere for any kinds of parts I can use for a generator or some NPCs I can credit if...
  4. Bernkastelwitch

    [RMMZ] Sideview Weapon request?

    I know I won't get all of these weapons but I have a few weapons I kind of need for my game. Mainly a Rapier, a Bo Staff, a Magical Orb, and an Assault Rifle. Just for some references here: (Sidenote, every single Soul Calibur image that was small kept breaking and this was the only Viola...
  5. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Custom MP System using Yanfly's Skill Core and Yanfly's Buff and State Core

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me with creating a custom MP system, using a combination of Yanfly's Skill Core, and Yanfly's Buffs and States Core? What I'm trying to do is create a system where a party member can spend their turn calling upon an elemental spirit (one per turn, up to 3...
  6. bluevegas02

    Phoenix Walking Character Animation

    Hello, Resource Type: (Walking character sprite, monster) Maker Format: (MV or MZ) Art Style: (Honestly not sure. I just really need it to look more so like a phoenix rather than looking like just a regular bird.) Description: (As I mentioned before, looking for an actual walking character...
  7. DeyJay5

    Script to calculate attack success rate by skill

    Essentially what I need is a script that allows certain skills to have a success rate calculated by the characters stats. For example, I would like a skill that has a hit success rate of 100% - victims luck. So for example if the players luck was 47, the skill would have a 53% chance of hitting...
  8. Looperdooper

    Any way to do the little sprite thing like in Mother 3? [MV]

    Here is an example of what I am looking for. By sprite thing, I mean how you can see a little sprite of said character over Kumatora. I'm using SRDBattleStatusCustomizer and I'm not sure if you can edit it to do this but I'm just seeing if it is possible or not, here is a link to that as well...
  9. Looperdooper

    Looking for some sort of arcade tileset- [MV]

    Hey I'm looking for a sort of arcade tileset for MV, sorta looking similar to these if you can spare some to me I'd wildly appreciate it!
  10. RMMZ Required states

    Im looking for a plugin that makes a skill require a state to be used, for example if I want to use Burning Blade, the battler who uses it needs to be Burning before the skill can activate. Does anyone know any plugins that can preform this feat? Thank you in advance
  11. Terozu

    RMMV A plugin that changes the Ground tile under the event.

    What I'm looking for is a plugin that, when a plugin or script command is run, changes the tile under it to a different ground tile. So if a plugin command says to change it to the first auto tile, it will become a water ground tile. The second one could be like, a pathway or something. This...
  12. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Yanfly Class Change Core Add-On

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me out with creating a small add-on to Yanfly's Class Change Core? In particular, I'm looking to add an optional extra parameter to the actor notetags: <Class x Face: filename y> <Class x Character: filename y> <Class x Battler: filename> These are...
  13. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Sort Skills by ID

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me create a plugin to adjust an odd default behavior of how MV lists skills? By default, the order in which skills are listed (such as in battle) has the skills listed by database ID order. However, if an actor gains access to a skill through an equipment...
  14. omnaeon

    scientist/chemistry teacher.

    I am in desperate need of a sprite with a lab coat to use as a male scientist/chemistry teacher, anyone know of any I can use for MZ?
  15. Milennin

    RMMV Display a Variable on screen

    I'm looking for a plugin that displays a Variable on the screen (default font and size), with an option to set its x and y position, and link the displayed Variable to a Switch. The Variable is hidden by default, and only displayed while the Switch is turned on. Thanks in advance to anybody...
  16. miiktoon

    Item "use" or "examine" choices when attempting to use it

    Hi! For the last couple of days I was looking for a script that would allow you to make a choice pop-up on item use. I know that it is possible to make this with the default engine abilities, but it's just a matter of aesthetics: it won't look that great to be honest. I found a thread with...
  17. coolnerd108

    RMMZ Passive state when skill is learned (MZ)

    Is there any plugin that allows a skill to give the learner a passive status effect? I've been searching but couldn't find anything about this.
  18. midnight1443

    Beetles, Hedgehogs, and Wombats; oh my!

    Hello! I'm attempting to make a game with monster catching and battling, but I can't seem to find any Animated SV/Walking monsters of the beetle, hedgehog, or wombat variety. If anyone has one or more of these that I could use commercially, that would be amazing! :D I may attempt to create some...
  19. yawk

    Any mod support script? [VX ACE]

    Hi! I would like to add mod support to my RPG Maker (VX Ace) game and I have not found anything, it would be cool if they made a script about it, I have found plugins for MV but I use VX Ace so it would be cool if you could pass me some script about this or that they did, thanks for reading :D
  20. Nitroxone

    Venka's Crafting Script — Add More Sounds ?

    I've been looking to add this amazing script to my game, but I have a concern. My game's atmosphere relies A LOT on sound design, musics, etc. Each sound has been handpicked, designed purposefully to sound "professional". Scrolling through her script's documentation, I saw that you can set up...

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