1. pepiball

    Looking for medevial/village 32px tiles

    Resource Type: Tilesets/tiles Maker Format: VX, Ace Makers I Own: MZ, but I'm looking for 32x32 tiles Art Style: realistic - similar to Kokoro's Reflections style, I own a few of their tilesets, but can't find more of the vibe I'm going for Description: Looking for tilesets that would fit in...
  2. ChershireHatter

    RMMV Change Event Graphic to "collect"(more in Post)

    Sorry for the title, I didn't know how to make my Request short. I try to discribe what I want in a simple way and hopefully someone has an idea or is in the mood to make a PlugIn (if I need it) In short I wanna make a game, where you are on a farm and get friends to help you there. The friends...
  3. ChershireHatter

    RMMV Script Steal from NPC

    Hello! I want to make a possibilty in my game, that you can sneak up behind a NPC and steal out of it's pockets. I have used some scripts from hime and yanfly to sneak behind the NPC and press a button to start the "steal-event" I searched for scripts like that, but I didn't find something I...
  4. LotusMonkey

    Where to find plugins?

    Sry if this sounds stupid but i recently got back into rpg maker and i wanna start using my old plugins again. where can i find MV plugins?
  5. Callan1990

    Looking for an artist for image rework!

    Hey all! So I was hoping someone was able to point me in the direction or create some images for my project, I have a grid view inventory system and I would like to get some graphics from my icon set but enlarge them without making them pixelated like the InventoryIcons.png below. I have added...
  6. KaikoRoku

    RMMZ Request: Floating enemies moving up and down for MZ

    I'm looking for a plugin for MZ that allows enemies to move up and down like a sine wave motion for floating/flying enemies.
  7. IlTerrificatore

    [FULFILLED] RMMV: Avadan's mech character-sv actor conversion request

    Hi comrades! I saw people asking for resources conversion pretty often on this forum , so i'm trying to do it as well! Mainly, i would be very pleased if someone could make a SV Actor version of this mech from Avadan's Resources for Rpg Maker mv: Thank you in advance!
  8. NonexistentRPG

    RMMZ Portrait change upon death

    Does anybody have a good MZ plugin (or system native solution) that changes the portrait of an actor when affected by DEATH state? I've seen similar plugins for MV and earlier systems but I've not been able to find something that works for MZ that doesn't require external core plugins. I'm...
  9. Elhijei

    MV - Game sometimes freezes upon playing video

    Hi :) Recently for my party limit break I've made some videos that play during the fight. Sometimes (like 50% of the time), when one of these play, the game freezes, and nothing happen anymore. The sound effect (which is seprated from the video) plays til the end and then nothing, just a frozen...
  10. yawk

    RMMZ Change message window height?

    Hi! I'm making a project and I need to make the Message Window shorter, I searched but the things I have found didn't worked for me. I was wondering if there is some plugin or script call that makes the message window shorter, like only 2 rows of text.
  11. Tsunar

    RMMZ Combo Counter?

    First of which I know moghunter has a visual combo counter, where it counts how many hits you have done within a specified amount of time. Im looking for something, similar, but with additional features. See in most games there are reasons to hit higher comboes, like in tales games it results in...
  12. LilyFlorist

    Large Bed Tileset (MZ)

    Hello! I'm working on a Commercial Project for RPG Maker MZ! Inside the Inns in the game are VIP Suites, and I would like a very large bed done in the MZ Style. Size wise, I'm looking for 4x6 tile bed, with a design/color scheme that matches the red and gold couch (the one in the "Inside_B"...
  13. SecretSigil

    Requesting Mansion Tile Sets

    Resource Type: Characters (for anything animated) & Tiles Maker Format: VX Ace Makers I Own: XP & VX Ace (I use VX Ace mainly) Art Style: Mack or Artist's original Description: I've made a lot of custom assets of my own but there are some that I can't quite pull off with my current skill set...
  14. Neal_Sage

    RMMZ Carries Over Save File???

    Me and some of my friends started a small company or entrepreneur. We want to make a short rpg game that tells the story of a young man and his 3 friends experiencing and seeing history firsthand with the help of a mysterious uncle. The game can be finished in 1-2 hours but we want the game to...
  15. Phantasmagoric

    [MV] Request for a Tarrasque Battler

    Such a powerful D&D creature and it has no version of in RPG Maker, it would be really interesting for a big Tarrasque battler, not only for me! What I'm thinking to use it on is RPG Maker MV. If anyone is willing to do it, thanks!
  16. yawk

    RMMV Need help with my system

    Hi, this post have been edited since I have saw that the initial post I was requesting some very specific plugin. I'm making a game like pokemon, in this game you are a kid and he has 2 friends. In this game you have a team members in the party (for battles) that won't match the actors shown...
  17. BrickleYourFrickle

    Need help editing Galv's Animated Battlers

    This is probably a big request, but I'm not experienced with scripting, and figured I'd post this here to see if anyone would be willing to help or give advice. Anyway, I'm using Galv's Animated Battlers to add animations to my side-view battle system. However, there are a few things I need it...
  18. yawk

    RMMV Wait command in battle

    Hi! I need a plugin which adds a new command while fighting in the battle scene, this command will gave some TP to the actor that used it but it will stay vulnerable that turn.
  19. RMMZ (Plugin Request) Weapon Slots for Enhancements

    I have been searching for a plugin that adds “slots” to weapons, but have not been able to find one for MZ. I made a few posts on here asking for help finding one and did lots of Googling, but to no avail. I also attempted to “event” the slots for weapons, but either it cannot be done in...
  20. HailTheQueen

    Looking for cattle feeder/slaughterhouse tileset

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a tileset to create a farm. Have you ever seen those greenpeace annoying adds for macro farms? Something of that style. Looking for small jails, cattle feeder systems, meat hooks, etc. Do you guys know of anything similar that I could use/buy?

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