1. Nightblade50

    Looking for a certain resource

    Don't know if this is the right place for this or not. This game uses some characters and facesets that I like a lot. I downloaded the game, to see if it was unencrypted, but it was not, so I do not...
  2. Fernyfer775

    Show equipment bonuses on equip scene

    I was wondering if anybody could help me out to do what the picture shows below. I want the stats of the equipment piece to show on the equip menu when the player hovers over the piece of equipment, without them having to unequip/equip another piece of armor. For example, if I highlight over...
  3. Nightblade50

    [VXAce] Sewer battleback request

    I am in need of a modern sewer battleback for rpg maker vx ace, 544x416. I am using side view battle. Can someone help me? The art style should be RTP.
  4. Nightblade50

    FREE I need a writer

    I am in need of a writer for my game, Project Delta. Engine: VX Ace Synopsis: Three scouts from Earth are sent to scout out nearby planets. This happens far in the future. As they fly away, they see a large object on their radar, and a few seconds later, they hear a massive explosion and Earth...
  5. Nightblade50

    Wanting a lava background

    Resource Type: Battleback Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Painterly if possible, but don't care too much. Description: A lava battle back. It should have some hot looking rocky ground, and there should be a huge lake of lava in the back. Reference Images: Should be something like that for the...
  6. Broyi

    Image Sequence Script

    I wanted to ask if there's a script that can read and display an image sequence. For example, if I had images going from 1 to 3 named "Broyi_001.png" "Broyi_002.png" and "Broyi_003.png", I wished the script could display them one after the other, stopping in "Broyi_003.png", and allowing the...
  7. MobileSuitSonic

    RMMV - Factory Assets

    I have an idea for a munitions plant appearing in my project, modeled after those in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Do any tiles or other assets exist for this concept? I peeked at some of the Steampunk stuff in the store, but they seemed to be for homes (for some reason). What should I...
  8. nakina

    Spiky hair for MV character generator

    Resource Type: Generator Parts Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: RPG Maker MV RTP Description: I'd like to have some more anime inspired hair for the character generator like super saiyan goku's hair from Dragon Ball Z or something similar. I would like it to be black if you can't get...
  9. Nightblade50

    Alien world music request

    Summary: What I need - one music track that would sound good for an alien world. Resource: Music Terms: Non-commercial only is fine Amount: 1 Theme: Alien world! Engine: VX Ace (but music is for any engine) Paid/Free: Free I hope somebody can provide me with this!
  10. deathpunk187

    In need of a tracksuit bit for a VX/Ace game

    Hey there guys deathpunk here I'm in need of a tracksuit bit for a character in a game I'm working that's kind of a modern themed game with a heavy metal almost kinda punk rock sub-theme at least with some of the characters like for one of the side characters he/she is kind of a Nu-Metal theme...
  11. Nightblade50

    [VX Ace] Alien battlers request

    I am in need of some alien battlers/enemies for VX Ace. I looked at some of the paid packs on Steam, but they do not have enough aliens. Since my whole game takes place on a faraway planet, I very much need these. I am willing to buy paid packs if it is not too much, but free is better...
  12. Otto

    Requesting add-on or modification for XAS abs script

    'sup guys. Wile taking a small break from my main, bigger, rm2k3 project, I'm working on some easy peasy stuff for rmvxa, and I'm working on a small hack&slash-like title that revolves around the XAS Active Battle System, which I think everybody knows ('tho I'll post the script down there for...
  13. Yawgmoth

    Enemy affix names w/ random states

    Hi all, I'm looking for a MV plugin that would allow a designer to to create affix states and have those states randomly applied to an enemy note tag (not a troops) and also modify the enemy's name. I have looked through the forums and searched online and have yet to see a plugin such as this...
  14. JtheDuelist

    Needing Art to Use with Moghunter's Battle HUD plugin

    Resource Type: Character Art for use with Moghunter's Battle HUD plugin's Classic II template Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's Original Take on the characters provided Description: I am needing full-body character art that is for use with Moghunter's Battle HUD in the Classic II template...
  15. JtheDuelist

    Requesting Title Screen Art (Will Give Credit)

    Resource Type: Title image Maker Format: MV Art Style: More realistic/detailed- not as cartoony/anime-ish as my art style... Description: I want a more detailed and/or realistic version of my game's current title screen, as I feel my current version's art style might deter people from playing...
  16. Kacribus

    RPG MV Request : Animated Piano Tiles

    Resource Type : Animated tile Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Art Style : Normal to similar MV style. Description : Hi! Creating a horror game and the plan is to have the player walk into a dining hall and the piano starts to play on its own. Now, I have the still default piano tiles but they...
  17. Kacribus

    RPG MV Request : Gory Horror Sprites

    Resource Type : Several Horror Sprites :kaopride: Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Art Style : As long as it's absolutely frightening. Description : Creepy, gory, looking for several that are both humanized and dehumanized. I want a few humanized but gory and creepy sprites due to some audio...

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