1. Timespiraled_RPG

    Modifications to Equip Menu (Two Columns)

    Hey everyone, I've been using dsScreenLayoutSize to get my menu to not stretch all the way across my resized screen and it's been working fabulously. I am using the Yanfly Suite (Core Engine, etc.) but not the Main Menu Manager. My one issue is in the Equip Menu where the stats go too far down...
  2. CatFyre_Games

    Monster flashing before attacking, FF6 Style

    Hi guys, I've been searching for quite some time now, but i can't seem to find anything close to what i want: In the SNES Final Fantasy games (but in this case i'm more inclined to set FF6 as an example), the monster flashes white two times in quick succession before performing an actual...
  3. Mooshry

    New Character Creation?

    My game requires a character creation system like the one in Dragon Quest. Basically you talk to an NPC and you can create and delete characters. How i want it to be made is it takes the first blank entry in the actor list (For example: ID 1 and 2 are used, but 3 is blank) and opens SRD's...
  4. dreamfall887

    Could someone make me "damage" and "behavior" sprites please? ( ・ω・)ノ

    Hello everyone! I am trying to make the cutscenes in my game more engaging. So I wanted damage sprites, thinking sprites and arms raised out sprites for my main characters. MY SPRITES :) I was wondering if someone was interested in helping me? Thank you! :D
  5. Vis_Mage

    Porting Vlue's Multiple Map Layers

    Hello, By any chance, would anyone be willing to port over Vlue's Multiple Map Layers VxAce script into MV? Vlue's script allows you overlay multiple maps over one another, allowing for one map to use any number of tilesets. This is done by placing a notetag into the map's notebox. It's...
  6. Vis_Mage

    Orange Anti-Lag and SRD Skill Extender Patch

    Hello, Would someone be able to help create a patch to fix a small compatibility error between Hudell's Orange Anti Lag, and Sumrndmdde's Skill Extender? The two plugins fortunately mostly function together, with one exception. The Skill Extender plugin allows for a secondary menu to be...
  7. ct_bolt

    [Character Sprite] Expansion of Sprites (Pretty please)

    Hello kind folks, Long shot... ...but I would really love to see an expansion of these freebie sprites found at craftpix: click here to view Sample: Request: I would like the following expansion of the sprites to match the originals as closely as possible. Number of frames is up to you but...
  8. Swap weapons on map?

    Hi! First and foremost I'd like to say that I know Galv has a weapon swap script, but alas it refuses to work with a few of my scripts. I'm just looking for a system that'll let me scroll through weapons on the map. I'm using an ABS system. I would like to either request a script like that...
  9. Juanita Star

    Looking for Paper windmills

    Hi! Resource Type: (Sprite or tileset) -I would prefer a spriteset, but a tile would be just fine! Maker Format: (VX,Ace) Art Style: (RTP, Mack) EDIT: While this would be ideal, not obligatory! Description: (I’m looking for a tileset/character sprite for paper windmills. Various colors...
  10. Tramon81

    Choices with image and description of the options.

    I'm making some type of attempt at a pokemon mystery dungeon fangame and I'm looking for a choice layout that allows to see a list of pokemon to choose as your avatar and an image and description of the pokemon when the cursor is on it. to illustrate I'm looking for something like this.
  11. Dreyliam

    1 HP after defeated

    Does anyone know of any plugins or know of any way to make the character stay alive but with 1 HP after the battle? so if the team has 3 allies but only 2 are defeated these two would be alive but with only 1 HP after battle, and the only way to give Game Over is if all 3 allies are defeated...
  12. Looking for some new tiles (Blood, Road, Prison) - VX ACE

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: I have no preferred style at the moment perhaps sort of cartoony but if this request is accepted I will leave it up to them to decide Description: Hey I am looking for some more tiles to give my project some variety of environments...
  13. Dreyliam


    Resource Type: Characters,and Battler Maker Format: MV) Art Style: Ace RTP Description: In my game there is an ancestral being, this being is a living giant tree called the forest sage, at some point in the game the player is forced to fight this being cause he is possessed by an evil...
  14. VirusChris

    Side-View Sprites as Over World Sprites?

    I'm not sure if this is where I should post this question, but I'm not seeing a category for Requests/Questions so I hope it's fine here. I'm asking if there's a Plugin or a possibility to use a different kind of spritesheet for Over World Sprites. Basically instead of the 4 (or 3) sprites for...
  15. Vis_Mage

    [VX Ace] Weapon that Deals X% Damage to Enemy with State

    Hello! This is kind of an odd request (that I believe would go here), in that it's both a script request, and just asking if anyone knows of a script that could accomplish this, since it's the sort of thing that I could imagine already existing. What I'm hoping to do is have a tag for weapons...
  16. Vis_Mage

    Item Details Script - Fix with Galv's Menu Themes Engine

    Hey, I'm hoping that someone could help me with a small compatibility fix between Galv's Menu Themes Engine, and Hoshigata's Item Details script. The two scripts actually do work with one-another, however, since the extended item description creates a window while still in the item menu, the...
  17. J-G

    Sprite Map Resize

    Basically I'm wondering if anyone could help with this one. I know you can change the sheet size and place bigger sprites in the map. They look better, but still lacking. If you place one that is too big, then everything else just doesn't match. So I what I hope can happen, if it's at all...
  18. Side-view battler Request

    Resource Type: Battlers (sv_enemies) Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: Anything except Cartoony Description: So hear me out, I want to use a King and/or Queen as enemies in the project I'm working on. And I'm using the side view battle system. Problem is they no longer...
  19. CyberRuby

    Cyberspace Themed Tileset / Music

    I'm looking for a Cyberspace themed Tileset and a overworld music track to go with it. I'm unfortunately not a gifted artist or pixelartist to create such things. Being a noob at RPGMAKER MV in itself doesn't help either. Here's a less vague description: I'll need it to be compatible with...
  20. Vis_Mage

    Variable Element Resistance and Damage

    Hello! :kaohi: Would anyone be able to help me with a script that would allow element rates given by a state be tied to a variable? For example, perhaps there'd be the notetag <ElementRateVariable Fire 20>, that would make the afflicted actor's Element Rate for the Fire element equal to...

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