1. kyonides

    Kyonides & a Bunch of Oneshots

    First Story They Keep Coming For More! By Kyonides "Boss, we've got a problem!", the young guy suddenly uttered. "What makes you think we've got a problem? You're the one that'll get fired if you don't do something to fix it", the old guy replied. "Huh? How am I supposed to solve it on my...
  2. VFVelzades

    VFV's Art Sect

    Hellooo, I'm super ultra new here where I don't even know how to change my DP HAHAH I'm just gonna drop some of my artworks in here hoping you guys would like them. I also plan to take requests free of charge next week, if some of you are interested in that and then Commissions moving forward...
  3. Kris_Gray

    Gray's Character Busts [On hold]

    Sup, I'm Gray :D I am currently working on a character bust creator.I personally find the MV version to be limited, and although there are many custom parts made by nice artists, it's confusing to add it to the engine.And sometimes, the part you're looking for is nowhere to be found.The style is...
  4. ArielSystem

    [RPG MAKER MV] Looking for Wetsuit and or any type Cyborg Armors for Character Generator

    Resource Type : Character Generator Maker Format : MV Art Style : Like RPG Maker MV Styles Desc. : I just want to request anyone where I can get Wetsuit or Cyborg Armor for RPG MAKER MV Generator. But I can't find one which fit for. It'll be better If you found the link or someone else make...
  5. HIIVE

    Sorry, deleted the content of this post.

    Sorry, deleted the content of this post.
  6. tammie

    Differences in moderation time?

    Hey. I've seen some differences in time that threads are moderated, in two locations. One, the games in development area. These take a long time to be moderated, often at least a day. Two, the script requests. I made a thread there, and it only took 18 minutes to be moderated. Why is there such...
  7. DeathByGames

    Custom Save & Title Pictures

    So I am working to make as unique of a title screen as I can. One problem that has occurred to me though, is the normal title screen option box. I have this relocated to a different side of the screen, but I would like it if it was without the window skin border. I would also love it if the "New...
  8. Funami Z

    shop menu layout and size change

    I want to change the layout of the shop menu to be similar to Undertale's shop menu This is how I want it to look:
  9. Lerbert

    Custom Battle Themes!

    Taking request for Battle themes for characters or just wild encounters. Will be exported as a .wav file, Tell me if you would like a specific style of music. Please respond with your request, the name of the song (if there is no preference for the name Ill just name it something generic)...
  10. Mudstep

    Evil General/Drone Requests

    By any chance, can anyone create sideview sprites of the Male Evil General or the Drone? Images of the two are below. If anyone does, I will give a shoutout to them.  :D
  11. Omega Five

    Some Charsets requests

    I've got a request. It's kinda stupid, but it would be pretty grand if someone made this. It's for RPG Maker VX Ace specifically, as I only have that (catched it on the summer Steam sale for about 8 euros.). Thanks to everyone that would work on this.
  12. RoooodWorks

    Animated Battler RPG MAKER MV

    Hi so I need someone to make a animated battler for me. here what she looks like, here is her face sets : the thing is I want it a tallish battler. like this tall:
  13. Stat purchase at level up

    Hi, new guy here.  I just found the script to increase stats with JP. But I was wondering if someone could help me with a script to increase the cost of each stat purchase. For example, increasing Attack the 1st time costs 500 increasing it the 2nd costs 1000 and so on.  I'm using this...
  14. Brayden P

    Modern Clothes Request

    WARNING: This is something for someone to do in there spare time and the person who dose this request should not expect pay.   This is a request for some modern clothing for a game that takes place in 2034 Please attempt to make them colourable. What I Need: T-Shirt With...
  15. Bahamut20

    Yanfly Plugins Requests

    I thought we could group requests about new features for Yanfly's scripts here, so as to keep things organized. My request is in regards to the Auto Passive States plugin and the Item Upgrade Slots plugin, by extension the Item Core plugin as well. These plugins could work better together...
  16. Brayden P


    I need some things for RPG Maker MV: Gun Icons More Icons Horror Tileset Sci-Fi Tileset Post-Apoc Tileset MLP Tileset and sprites (This is for a friend. He wants them for some "Cool, New game.") More Generator Things (Modern, Horror, Wizard/Mage, ect.)
  17. Atlas Rose

    Atlas Graphics

    Heyoo! Atlas here, fairly new to the game making business. I'm wanting to up my game when it comes to graphic design, so why not set up a workshop? I do a large variety of things, and if you'd like to request something that isn't on here, by all means go ahead! This is all about growing as an...
  18. Sugarstars121

    Looking for Horror exterior and interior tilesets?

    I'm making a horror rpg game, that's of course noncommercial, and is actually a fan game OTL, but I couldn't find any outdoor or indoor ones. Especially not outdoor. And i'm awful at pixeling, so I really appreciate any help I get! Thank you~
  19. Beginner Friendly Growth Rate Script

    I want a "growth rate" scripts, so its like [insert character here] has a 60% chance of gain hp on a level up, 40% chance of gaining mp. etc. There may be something like this out there, but if I remember correctly it was really hard for me to use, and on that note I want it to be at least fairly...
  20. TMS

    Question for Composers

    Not sure if this is the right board for this, but it's something I've been wondering about for a while. I would think that when someone requests/commissions a BGM from a composer, they sometimes point the composer toward an existing song that they want the composition to sound like, and I'd...

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