1. flauros

    Tool for automated image resizing

    Hi folks, some of you may still know this infamous website for resizing pixel images nearly lossless: waifu2x Although it seems to be not accessible at the moment. There is an offline program which is able to do the same as the website with the added benefit to even process a bunch of images...
  2. 8bitboy

    Help with cropping faces/changing face Y position in message windows!

    Hello again, fellow makers. This time I've been facing an issue that could probably be easily solved, but since I have almost no .js knowledge it has been a huge headscratcher... I've decided to reduce the number of message rows from 4 to 3 (By using Yanfly's YEP_MessageCore) and at first...
  3. Forleafe

    Recommendations for Plugins that probably exist

    Hello there~! New to RPG Maker MV and its community. Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed and was looking for some guidance! I'd like to make a game with a painterly style; For this I imagine I'll need a plugin that increases the maximum tile size, and lets me run my game in full standard resolution...
  4. Quite.Toxick

    Resizing Ace NPC sprites for MV

    So the MVFU works wonders when it comes to converting tiles from Ace to MV, much better than any attempt I made in Photoshop. Converted Ace character sprites, however, retain a rather thick outline, often two or three pixels wide, which of course is due to the original sprite, and have...

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