1. Aidmen

    Using RPG maker for my thesis

    Hello everyone :) I have a rather important question that i hope somebody can help me with. I'm a masters student and my thesis is related to Gamification. I want to create a game concept by using RPG maker, the game will not be playable i just want to create the concept then insert...
  2. Artomes

    RMMV Lyfis Chronicles - Looking for players!

    Lyfis Chronicles Lyfis Chronicles is a Tactical RPG made in RMMV. Inspired by games like XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, and Divinity Origin Sin. As a gamer, I have always enjoyed DEEP RPG mechanics and the power of player choice! I am actively looking for play-testers! If you like strategy RPG's...
  3. _Shadow_


    It has come to my attention, that the Scandinavian Mythology, you know, the one where you hear words as Thor, Odin, Loki, Hel, Asgard, Ragnarok etc etc, has really nice stories to tell and it has nice similarities with Greek Mythology. Studying deeply the Greek Mythology, I start to see...
  4. SJWebster

    Survey on RPGs

    I've put together a short Survey Monkey questionairre to help influence my projects. I'd appreciate anyone here taking five minutes to fill it in. I'd also be more than happy to share the results with the community if you'd like.
  5. Fox Archer

    RMVXA Full of Mysteries [Remastered]

    Good day to all! After almost a year, I finally almost finished work on a new, expanded version of my small quest called Full of Mysteries. Maybe one of you has already seen the post with this game... But I decided to make a new post because this version will be completely different from the...
  6. Fox Archer

    RMVXA Full of Mysteries [Remastered] ~Complete~

    1915. Western Russia. The captain of the Russian army named Alexey during one of the battles is seriously injured. He was saved, but he is no longer allowed to fight, and so he goes home. However, the train on which Alexey was to return home, crashes, while the captain himself miraculously...
  7. InspiredByBitcoin

    Who else loves Tycoon games or Incrementals

    Hi folks, I'm new here and a lot of these other threads are such a great help to the rest of the RPGMaker community, You can see all the Moderators and forum staff work really well together and with the community making it very pleasant atmosphere and everyone is friendly, among helpful and...
  8. NPC

    NPC's Writing Workshop

    ~NPC does Writing~      Hello comrades, chums, and unknowns, my name is Jon, or NPC, and I'm a hobbyist writer looking to go professional. But in order to do that, I need to put together a portfolio. So, for approximately two years, I will be taking requests regularly! Here's what I do: -Short...
  9. Professor Gingey

    Enemy Scan Skill

    I have seen someone make a no-script step by step process of how to make a scan ability. However, that can only show hp and mp of the enemy you scan. What I want is a script that will allow me to scan one enemy and then show a message box or something saying what its max hp and mp is, what...
  10. Professor Gingey

    Research Ability

    I'm very new to RPG Maker VX Ace, [i got it not even 24 hours ago.] and I'm trying to find out how to add in a skill that will show the stats and weaknesses of an enemy.
  11. Quick Survey for my Year Eleven Research Project

    Hey there, My name is Blake and I am a year eleven student who is currently working on the "Research Project" subject. The research project is a SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) subject and I am required to pass it to pass year twelve. In this subject we are required to come up...

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