reset event

  1. karinthefox

    Events' position resets when Ieaving map

    Hello everyone! I have some trouble and can't figure it out... Would really appreciate it if someone could help me ;__; During a certain cutscene-event (when it's about to finish) in my game, the NPCs change position. The problem is that, when I leave the map and return, the map resets...
  2. The_Black_Knight

    Reset events on area change.

    So, I have enemies that walk a round the map, and once fought dissapear. I would like for these enemies to be reset on map change, which would at the moment require the transition to somehow changes all the enemies Self-Switches off. How on earth would I go around doing this? So to elaborate...
  3. YanFly EventChasePlayer help needed...

    I'm using the EventChasPlayer pluggin by YanFly and I set up the event (guard) to chase the player when it sees them. Once it sees the player it runs over to the player and calls up a common event that sends the character back to square 1 on the same map. the issue I'm having is, once the player...
  4. Anthony D

    [SOLVED] Specific event placement reset without leaving map

    I want to create an event that will make a car rush past every time the protagonist tries to step on the street (see attached picture). The issue here is not making an event that will activate once, but having it repeat over and over as necessary. Ideally this is what would happen: 1-Hero...

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