resident evil

  1. MisterGantz94

    Resident Evil Inventory (request converting a script from rgss3 to javascript)

    Can anyone convert this script to rpg maker mv? I would love to have a resident evil style inventory for rpg maker mv, as abs I use alpha ABS P.S. I can also pay for the job module RE_MENU BAR_POSITION_X = 3 BAR_POSITION_Y = 0 end module Special_Map Archive_ID = 12 Archive_x = 17...
  2. leoroura

    Game Start SE

    Hello everybody! It's me again... Have you ever played Resident Evil before? You know that voice that pops up whenever you hit New game ? I want to do something like that. I want to change the sound effect that plays once you hit "New Game". I tried changing the SE at system, inside the maker...
  3. MisterGantz94

    Help - Examine item similar Resident Evil on my inventory

    I wish I could enter the examine button in my inventory in Resident Evil style, can you help me? Also place my script. (This video is for example) (I want to point out that the script in question is my property, so it is forbidden to use in other projects)
  4. MisterGantz94

    Help combine Item similar to Resident Evil Inventory

    I'd like to add a feature to my inventory, that is, to combine the Resident Evil style objects as shown in this video. If someone can help me, please contact me in private, thanks in advance. :)
  5. XxThetisxX

    Battle Script and Menu Hud (Resident Evil Gaiden Style)

    Hello, first I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm currently interested in making a Zombie Apocalyptic game and I wanted to request a "Resident Evil Gaiden" Battle style. I get the concept of it but I have about 0 Coding experience.. I have some pictures for examples; And...
  6. Luiishu535

    Cold at Heart

    Download: About: A McBacon Jam 3 game, featuring the collaborate work of four members of RMN, including aspects from various games and genres compiled together which have inspired us on our game making journeys. Cold at Heart is a sci-fi...
  7. residentevil fan

    Resident evil gaiden XP (Demo 1).

    Hello everyone, today released demo 1 of the Resident Evil Gaiden XP   to try it out and give me their opinions.   I'm sorry if I have errors in English (I speak Spanish and am using translator)    ...
  8. RoooodWorks

    Resident Evil Shooter RPG

    Resident Evil RPG Shooter Abstract:A series of bizarre murders have occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, with signs of cannibalism on the victims' remains. The S.T.A.R.S.are assigned to investigate the murders. Alpha team finds the helicopter of Bravo team in the Arklay forest, they find...
  9. RyanA

    The One Night Trilogy (3 Full Horror Games)

    Moderator Edit due to lost post This is one of several very old topics where the first post was lost due to an archive problem one or two years ago, and cannot be restored. Luckily someone else found the download links, so here they are: End of Mod-Edit...

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