1. hoboayoyo

    Enemy gain resistance to status effect.

    Looking into making enemies resistant/immune to a status effect after it's applied. Haven't found any plugin's of the sort so I imagine it's able to be done in engine. Kind of like Etrian Odyssey. Any help in the right direction is appreciated.
  2. State resistance based on number of turns or effect magnitude instead of chance

    In the default RMVXA and RMMV(I don't know if it's the same for the others as well), the state resistance's in the form of decreasing the chance to inflict a state, but without any other change if the state's still inflicted. I personally feel that it can be excessively and unnecessarily random...
  3. Vis_Mage

    Variable Element Resistance and Damage

    Hello! :kaohi: Would anyone be able to help me with a script that would allow element rates given by a state be tied to a variable? For example, perhaps there'd be the notetag <ElementRateVariable Fire 20>, that would make the afflicted actor's Element Rate for the Fire element equal to...
  4. Pooky

    Change Actor Weakness and resistance mid-game

    Hello everyone. So in my game you are able to decide one elemental weakness and one element you are resistant against for your character. What would I have to do to give your character these elemental weaknesses and strengths mid-game?
  5. Rhaeami

    Elemental weakness/resistance without popups.

    Edited. I'm using Yanfly Battle Engine, which does pop-ups for strong or weak hits. However, pop-ups are not feasible for my project. I would like to take those messages and push them to the Battle Log instead, but I can't for the life of me figure out how. I can't figure out how Yanfly...
  6. DrakeLovesNekos

    Super Effective/Not Very Effective Pop Up

    In RPG Maker VX Ace I remember how a popup will happen saying "WEAKNESS" or something along those lines telling you that "ooh hey, this element works on this dude." but for some reason, I'm not getting that on MV. Help?
  7. Set State resistance via stats?

    Is it possible to have a state's resistance calculated by a formula? In my game, the MAT state doubles as an INT stat, higher MAT = Higher intelligence. As such, I want characters with higher MAT to have a better chance of resisting confusion than characters with a lower MAT stat...
  8. laaghisce

    Damage Alterations : Resistances and Weaknesses

    Hello! This topic is about damage multipliers and reductions, specifically from the enemy's attributions. The question is : Should the damage bonus or reduction from the enemy's weakness/resistance always be the same with every enemy or should it vary? Before I use my example, I will be...
  9. Problem with states and immunities

    Hi. This is my first time on the forum and I am working on my first game, but I recently hit a snag. Basically I want to have fly monsters that cannot be hit by short ranged weapons. And to make things more complicated (but more fun in my opinion) I want to implement a "grounded" status that...
  10. wrigty12

    Request: Adding to "EnemyBook" Plugin-Element/Buff Resistances and Weaknesses

    While the Enemy Book is very nice and useful, it is missing what I consider very important information about Enemies: What weakness and resistances they have to elements and buffs. It seems like this should be an easy addition, but I am not the one to try and add it in.
  11. How long does raising or lowering resistance last?

    For example, lets say I use a "Ice wall" spell that raises ice resistance, or "ice break", which would lower ice resistance. How long would it last?
  12. Njalm2

    Lowering Elemental Resistances with Skills?

    Hello. So I recently began tinkering around with RMVXAce, and I ran into the question of whether or not it was possible to break through elemental resistances in some ways? What I'm attempting to do is to make my primary physical juggernaut capable of breaching a monsters natural defenses...

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