resize sprites

  1. How do I increase face sprite pixel count without increasing face box size?

    So, my aim is to have my own images in there. I've got a friend making face sprites for me but I want a higher resolution than the basic 144x144 pixel set. I've figured out how to change this but the faces disappear entirely when I change it. My main problem here is this: I want to keep the...
  2. karinthefox

    Problem with sprite resizing

    Hello everyone! I've recently finished making some sprites for my game on MV and noticed that they were a tad small compared to the map. So I resized them with photoshop using the nearest neighbor option and all that jazz. The problem is that when I resize the image to 200%... the sprites get...
  3. Mooshry

    Sprite Resizing

    So, i made enemy sprites for my game, and when i went to put them in, they turned out to be too small! I usually make my enemy sprites 4x4 pixels, but i accidentally made them 3x3. I can't afford to resprite them all, since there's quite a lot, and it'll take way too long to do it alone. (By the...

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I swear it looked better in my head. But this ain't bad. Had to experiment to make the characters stand out and not blend too much with the background.

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