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  1. In need of an Observatory Resize (And the Storage in Tileset C Overworld); As well as an animated Fan RTP

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I need a resize of an observatory and the storage in Overworld Tileset C. I'm making a lab exterior so I want the buildings to look like its small overworld counterpart. I'm pretty sure somebody did this but I asked everyone...

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MUCLSES!!! :epicface: :epicface:
I have trauma after accidentally stumbling upon vore CYOA on text adventures and then reading the description "unwilling and willing" "one half lives inside other half" Oh my.... And peoples comments... "please add pregnant" "very good" "the best vore CYOA ive ever seen"...what...I wanna vomit, seriously. Its horrible.
If you're reviewing someone else's game, don't focus only on the negative and criticize them. Use positive constructive feedback. As game developers, we need to empower one another; not put each other down.
just posted a song I made for my game a while back... I sampled the HEY from Earthworm Jim's Snot a problem levels lol...
Based on this screenshot alone, which one would you sell, and which to equip?

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