1. TheeWARIO

    RMMV How to resize a MOG, plugin? "MV"

    I'm going to be using Moghunters TitleParticles from Moghunters "Custom Title Screen". Everything works great but I have 1 issue the area of effect is the entire screen and I need it to effect half of the screen. How can I change the size of the area it effects? To give an example I attached a...
  2. In need of an Observatory Resize (And the Storage in Tileset C Overworld); As well as an animated Fan RTP

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I need a resize of an observatory and the storage in Overworld Tileset C. I'm making a lab exterior so I want the buildings to look like its small overworld counterpart. I'm pretty sure somebody did this but I asked everyone...
  3. Resize Face Graphics To Smaller Dimensions

    Hello! Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. This is my first time ever posting in a forum! With that out of the way, I am trying to resize faces generated with the character generator to smaller proportions. I am using both YANFLY's Core Engine and GALV's Message Styles. The goal here is to...
  4. Anybody knows about an Observatory Resize?

    I'm looking for a resize for an observatory from a C tiled Overworld Set, I've been too busy scouting the forum and attempting to make my own but the result was too sloppy, If anyone knows please sent me the link (My Engine is MV if anyone wants to know)
  5. Timespiraled_RPG

    Modifications to Equip Menu (Two Columns)

    Hey everyone, I've been using dsScreenLayoutSize to get my menu to not stretch all the way across my resized screen and it's been working fabulously. I am using the Yanfly Suite (Core Engine, etc.) but not the Main Menu Manager. My one issue is in the Equip Menu where the stats go too far down...
  6. 8bitboy

    Help with cropping faces/changing face Y position in message windows!

    Hello again, fellow makers. This time I've been facing an issue that could probably be easily solved, but since I have almost no .js knowledge it has been a huge headscratcher... I've decided to reduce the number of message rows from 4 to 3 (By using Yanfly's YEP_MessageCore) and at first...
  7. ovate

    Screenfly – Test Your Website at Different Resolutions

    https://bluetree.ai/screenfly/ Perhaps this could be helpful to see how MV web exported games looks like through variety of device screen resolutions. I'm not involved with BlueTree. I wanted to share a resourceful website about trying different screen resolutions. Edit: There was Resizer- an...
  8. NE0Nbandit

    Resizing RPG Maker VX Ace Facesets for MV?

    Hello! So I had no idea that the tile sizes on MV were different from VX Ace, me and some classmates are making an RPG Maker game for our project, and being the artsy friend, I immediately offered to create the sprites I grabbed my VX Ace templates and drew some Facesets, blissfully unaware of...
  9. RoseofElandil

    Change size of skill window in battle

    Hi guys, hopefully this is not in the wrong forum... I've enlarged the window for my VX Ace game, but unfortunately the skill window have not resized with the enlargement. I was wondering if there's a code I have to edit to make it resize so that the 2 columns of all skill lists in battle are...
  10. ishikyo

    Rpg Maker MV resize like RPG Maker 2003

    Weeell I was wondering if there is a way to auto resize all the game to hallf of it's size, without having to resize all the images. Something like rpg maker 2003 but the oposite, since in rm3k the sprites are made 2x bigger when you open the game. I'm already using the change tile size plugin...
  11. Mooshry

    Sprite Resizing

    So, i made enemy sprites for my game, and when i went to put them in, they turned out to be too small! I usually make my enemy sprites 4x4 pixels, but i accidentally made them 3x3. I can't afford to resprite them all, since there's quite a lot, and it'll take way too long to do it alone. (By the...
  12. IkutsukiYuri

    Is there any way to resize the description bar and skill bar?

    ...It's taking up a lot of space And if it's impossible, at least tell me that deleting the description bar is possible at least :/ I'm using MogHunter's battle hud by the way... Thank you ;e;
  13. ovate

    Menu Screen Layout Resize

    dsScreenLayoutSize - ver1.0.3 (2018/09/08) Creator name: Douraku Overview Plugin for resizing menu screen layout Features - Parameters for height and width layouts of Map, Menu, and Battle. Screens When changing the screen resolution with YEP_CoreEngine or etc. You can set the size of menu...
  14. VX Ace to MV Tileset conversion

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm looking into purchasing the following packs: - http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/ancient-dungeons-base-pack - http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/ancient-dungeons-jungle - http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/ancient-dungeons-winter However, those packs are not...
  15. firststef

    How does Mog,s BattleCamera deal with battlebacks?

    Im using this plugin MOG_BattleCamera2.js But my battleback keeps getting resized to be big or doesn,t fit the screen. I looked a bit, maybe at lines 345 and 391 something happens. I really need to know how to stop it from resizing the battleback. Please take a look...
  16. jordanblake

    Scale Character's Sprites in map by Note Tag

    Hello people,today i'm searching a plugin who can scale in game (map) the characters sprites for enemy/actors by a note tag,i know is possible to make it happens by a eventing but you need to talk to npc or something, i need to make it happens since the game starts, im going to use custom...
  17. Ellie Jane

    Fit to Browser Window

    Fit to Browser Window v1.00 Description Designed for browser deployed games, this automatically fits the game screen to the width and height of the client's browser window. Instructions Plug and play, though it is up to you to create appropriately sized maps and graphics, and to understand...
  18. Ygdrassill

    Help resizing IconSet for MV

    Hey all, I've never really done any resizing or messing around with redoing tilesets, so It would be fantastic if someone could help me out and resize this iconset for RPGMV for me. I tried once but couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  I appreciate any help or info even to just how to...
  19. Picture Resize Help #2

    Hi! Can someone make these busts into faces for me? I just want them to be the regular face size like in the program. Thank you!
  20. _Shadow_

    Window resize and position placement on desktop.

    Okay I was reading another thread and thought that would be cool to have on MV. Is it possible to resize and/or change location of the game application window in MV? I mean things like moving the application window around the screen, maybe also disable full screen mode... Is there a...

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