resolution change

  1. YEP Core Engine - InGame Update Real Scale

    Is there any way to change YEP Core Engine's "Update Real Scale" parameter through the game? I wasn't able to find any Plugin/Script commands in the plugin's Help section.
  2. Kubewix

    Make camera distance from hero a bit shorter. script needed

    I find it a bit complicated to explain but it's a really simple request, Normally the tile by tile size is 13High by 17Wide. Giving the middle screen character 8 tiles of space from the computer monitors borders. I want it to be a little bit shorter meaning the camera is a bit closer to the...
  3. orcomarcio

    Best (and reliable) way to change fixed resolution?

    Hi,  I want to change the resolution of my game to something like 1280x720, i don't need to be able to change it once the game starts i just want to set my target resolution and have it to work without problems or gimmicks. Also, anyone has an idea for what should be the best resolution for...
  4. TheWhiteRose000

    Mode 7 + Resolution change issue.

    I have a current issue that is Mode 7 related with resolution changes. When I use a higher resolution from a streached screen mode 7 begins to have issues rendering Neon Blacks anti-lag script helps fix a lot of the issue and I've fiddled with it to to remove even more but I cannot get it just...

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