1. Aurelle

    Program-breaking Issue - DPI?

    I have scoured forums all over the internet and still can't seem to find an answer to this program-breaking issue that has been stopping me from using XP for days. My computer resolution (default) is 3200x1800. My DPI scaling (default) is at 250%. After downloading XP with no issues, it would...
  2. MushroomCake28

    MUSH: Screen Resolution Menu Option

    Introduction: I don't know why I didn't start a thread before for this plugin since I've created it a long time ago. It basically adds an option to tweak the game resolution in-game. Note: I didn't test on rpg maker mv version 1.6.0+ since that version forces you to update your old js files...
  3. JayA

    True Responsive Game Assets for Fullscreening?

    Hi all, I've looked all over, but can't seem to find what I would have thought to be a popular request - a true responsive plugin for RMMV. All it would need to do is scale my assets (sprites, parallax maps etc.) depending on screen size. For example, my game is defaulted to 1280x720 window...
  4. Resolution/graphics questions

    I have several questions about the resolution and graphics: 1. I want to make my game's maximum resolution 1080p. I also want an option to choose between different resolutions. Is there a plugin for that? 2. In standard resolution, everything looks fine. However, in 1080p 16:9, everything is...
  5. Way to adjust message window location?

    Good day to you folks. I'm in need of help. I've been struggling with message window location issue for RPG Maker MV. In my current project for some reason, I need to change the message window location. and I believe this has to be done in scripting part, which I'm not really expert of any...
  6. Resolution

    Hello! Does anybody know if there is anyhow to chance the resolution IN game? And what is the one that fits better than the others?
  7. Show Picture to fit the screen

    A "simple" question?!? I have some high resolution images that I would like to show on screen, but the usual Show Picture command is not resizing the image to fit on screen. I don't want stretching, I'm fine with back bars, I only want some 1920x1080 (full hd) picture for example to be...
  8. Rexodiak

    Question Regarding Resolution and Black Bars

    Hi all! First of all, apologies if this has been answered before, I couldn't find any useful answer, secondly I'm very new to this program... so you can already expect how much I know about this... So, I downloaded YEP's Core Engine to adjust the resolution of my game to 1280 x 720, the...
  9. KingKraken

    Screen Resolution and Aspect Ratio

    Hey all, I'm running into an issue that I'm sure has an easy solution that's right under my nose, but I can't figure it out. So basically I want to change my resolution to a widescreen format. So I just used Yanfly's Core Engine like most people to, to change it. But strangely enough, my actual...
  10. Screen is blurry while playtesting

    It looks like this even without resizing to fullscreen, and it was just like this by default. The only plugins I'm using are Khas's core, graphics, and lighting effects plugins, but I was having this problem before I added them. sample screenshot from editor: the same tiles look like this while...
  11. froddzei

    Half screen touch-controls half screen game (portrait angle game for smartphones)

    Hello, Im quite new at this but i wanted to create a game that should be intended to play on phones and i wanted it to be in portrait and not landscape. I managed to get the touch controls working and decided that i wanted the part where the touch controls are "divided" from the game, so that...
  12. Kubewix

    Make camera distance from hero a bit shorter. script needed

    I find it a bit complicated to explain but it's a really simple request, Normally the tile by tile size is 13High by 17Wide. Giving the middle screen character 8 tiles of space from the computer monitors borders. I want it to be a little bit shorter meaning the camera is a bit closer to the...
  13. Amy Pond

    Zoom Tools

    I am attempting to create a powerful system for the client to control the zoom level of their game when played in a browser. This includes the game client resizing to the size of the browser, amongst other things. Scale Map to Game Size This is a plugin in development, while I work out if this...
  14. Amy Pond

    Fit to Browser Window

    Fit to Browser Window v1.00 Description Designed for browser deployed games, this automatically fits the game screen to the width and height of the client's browser window. Instructions Plug and play, though it is up to you to create appropriately sized maps and graphics, and to understand...
  15. Revockz

    Problem with the resolution in game.

    Hello there, I need a help in how don't stretch or scale the resolution in game. Exist some plugin or something? I'll put your name (if you want) in the credits. Thanks. I'll post two images to explain it better. The first is when stretching the game how you want. And the second one is...
  16. Variable called by function for screen resolution

    I am having an issue with a script I'm working on, I am trying to call the x and y variables to set the screen resolution, and now my brain is hurting after a little while of editing and re editing, and searching online for any way to pull this off. I am using Yanflys Core Engine with a...
  17. BattleBack Looping reguardless of batteback res.

    Regardless of what plugins i install or uninstall my battleback loops. I've also tried changing the size of the battleback, but it only ended up pushing off the top half of the picture. This looks really derp. Is there any plugin or script that can help me out? (The missing other characters is...
  18. Dungeons & Drinks (Ginko)

    Yanfly Engine Core/ Terrax Lighting Screen Resolution Issues

    Hi, I'm not entirely new to RPG Maker, however I am very new to Javascript. I have gotten TerraxLighting to work fairly well with minimal issues, and I just added the Yanfly Core Engine to my plugins. I wanted to increase my resolution in-game to 1280x720, which worked fine, but i seem to be...
  19. [MV]Yanfly's Core Engine doesn't resize the project

    Hello, i've been using Rpg maker Mv for 2 months or so (i have previous experience with XP), but after finishing my project, i've encountered a problem: The Yanfly's Core Engine doesn't resize the screen on the editor!! Is this issue only on the editor (test game function)? Because in the yanfly...
  20. gmestanley

    Change Game Resolution when in Full Screen

    I have seen the resolution problem on the 1.3.3 Update official post (which was originally the 1.3.2 one), and I've seen this problem by myself too. It looks ridiculous that we'll have to stick with two large black borders if we want to press F4 (Undertale did that too, although that's another...

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