1. Dungeons & Drinks (Ginko)

    Yanfly Engine Core/ Terrax Lighting Screen Resolution Issues

    Hi, I'm not entirely new to RPG Maker, however I am very new to Javascript. I have gotten TerraxLighting to work fairly well with minimal issues, and I just added the Yanfly Core Engine to my plugins. I wanted to increase my resolution in-game to 1280x720, which worked fine, but i seem to be...
  2. [MV]Yanfly's Core Engine doesn't resize the project

    Hello, i've been using Rpg maker Mv for 2 months or so (i have previous experience with XP), but after finishing my project, i've encountered a problem: The Yanfly's Core Engine doesn't resize the screen on the editor!! Is this issue only on the editor (test game function)? Because in the yanfly...
  3. gmestanley

    Change Game Resolution when in Full Screen

    I have seen the resolution problem on the 1.3.3 Update official post (which was originally the 1.3.2 one), and I've seen this problem by myself too. It looks ridiculous that we'll have to stick with two large black borders if we want to press F4 (Undertale did that too, although that's another...
  4. jjbones123

    How to set specific resolutions for window size?

    Okay so, i'm not entirely sure how to word this, but i'm try: I'm using the Fullscreen++ script. It allows you to fullscreen games made in RPG Maker by pressing F5 and you're able to choose from 3 different resolutions using F6. For the game I am currently making, I have a very specific...
  5. Yoraee

    Full Screen and Parallax Maps

    I'm trying to figure out how going full screen affects the quality of parallax maps. Right now I am using a parallax map that is 1162 x 576. My game resolution is 1024 x 576. When in window mode all looks well and good, but when in full screen, everything is very blurry as shown below (most...
  6. Enlarge sprite sizes

    I'm pretty new to the whole RPG Maker thing, currently using RPG Maker MV. I dislike how little everything is, so I want to enlarge every sprite but without having to resort to a photo editor to edit literally everything. I could almost get exactly what I wanted by using Yanfly Core plugin to...
  7. KanaX

    Resolution Stretch Causes Peculiar Blur.

    I just recently started moving my project on MV from Ace. While still using Ace, I utilized a script that allowed me to double the size of my game window and stretch the 544x416 screen to fit it. After using Shaz's plugin to resize my tiles to the classic 32x32, I tried tinkering with the...
  8. Lantiz

    User interface plugin

    Biter_UI v1.01 By Lantiz Discontinued.
  9. sdohda

    Help with Yanfly Battle Plug-Ins

    Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read. Apologies in advance if this isn't placed in the right area. I'm trying to accomplish a few things with how my combat system looks in terms of resolution, and I'm not sure where to start. I looked through the Yanfly help files to see if...
  10. Need help with Pokemon Essentials on Rpg maker Xp

    I want to change the resolution of the opposing trainer's battle sprite at the start of the battle. I already know how to change the picture, however i want to use pretty big pictures ( like 2048X2048 ) But if i use that kind of picture, it doens't fit AT ALL in the position it's supposed to be.
  11. Need help with Pokemon Essentials on Rpg maker Xp

    Hello, i'm using pokemon essentials 16 and i need your help. I want to change the resolution of the opposing trainer's battle sprite at the start of the battle. I already know how to change the picture, however i want to use pretty big pictures ( like 2048X2048 ) But if i use that kind of...
  12. Nicookami

    VX Ace is blurry and has low quality graphics, want sharp pixels

    So, I searched far and wide and found little to nothing about this issue. You know how RPG Maker games are blurry? The pixels aren't sharp and everything doesn't look very pretty because of that. The game I'm making has kind of a retro style, all pixelated, but it looks low quality because of...
  13. DreamX

    DreamX Options

    Features Ability to use switches or variables as options Ability to change resolution (requires restart) Ability to change fullscreen persistently Ability to optionally have a help window with text to help explain your options Ability to change the size position of the options...

    Auto-Stretch/Auto-Resize across different iPhones and iPads

    How might I edit my RPGMaker MV game so that it auto-resizes to consume the whole screen on either my iPhone or iPad? It seems that when I run it on different types of iPhones or iPads, there are black side bars, and the actual screen size for the game is universal.  This means iPhones...
  15. Rikifive

    Lower Resolution?

    Hello everybody! In one project I'm using Double Pixel to simulate lower resolution, but that leaves unnecessary pixels, where the game has to do maths in, not mentioning, the extra size (weight) of maps and such. ~Ace's performance just loves that. I'm trying to lower Ace's resolution to...
  16. Eilwyn

    Resolution, Battle Background and Picture Issues

    Hi all, So, I'm suddenly in a bind with my game.  The problems I'm having revolve around my screen resolution. Here are some some bits of information to help show where I'm at and what the problems themselves actually are: 1. I've used the Yanfly Core Plugin to change my resolution to...
  17. PanHead

    Can I edit the proportions of the IconSet?

    Can I edit the size of the icons in the iconset? By this, I mean the size of the icons that show up for items and status effects. Here's the icons I currently have: Each if these is 32 by 32 pixels. This is an honest mistake on my part. I thought they were 32x32 on this, and not 16x16. I...
  18. PanHead

    Problems with a 128x128 battle animation

    I've reached a problem regarding battle animations. One frame in an attack animation is supposed to be a multiple of 64x64, and the character I'm animating for needs to be 128x128, since he is slightly taller than 64 pixels. However, when I input the sprite sheet into RPG maker, it looks like...
  19. CharismaticGamer

    Changing Resolution Mid-Game

    Hey how's it going guys? So I have this game that I have the resolution to I believe is (383 x 200) I want that at the start of the game for something in specific. But after that I want to change the resolution mid game so they would play in that resolution. Is there a way to change resolution...
  20. ScytheMeister94

    RPG Maker MV Screen Size?

    While I love scrolling on google looking for the question to already be asked, it would seem it has not or not correctly. I am trying to have a picture stretch the whole screen but I can't with out the screens default resolution size. Anybody know?

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