1. Jenovation

    Changing frame/window sizes in menus.

    Hi, I am trying to customize the native MV main menu scenes, but I am having a hard time figuring out how the individual windows in each scene are sized. Does anyone know how to change the size of the windows drawn, for example I would like the Item Info window to be more narrow or the...
  2. Phonantiphon

    Message Box Background Resolution

    Hi, Really sorry if this is a repeat, I did do a search honest, but I couldn't find what I needed, soooooo... When I try to create a background for the menus and the message boxes, I take the window.png file and I replace the top left image with [x] image. When I use it ingame it's...
  3. Making Pixels Look Sharper

    Hello, I have a question about pixels. I really like the art-style of retro style games way back at the beginning when pixels were very visible and sharp. And while try as I might, my sprites never can get that look to them, RPG Maker VX Ace just blurs the colors all together, and they end up...
  4. Khayalan

    Resolution for Mobile

    Hey :) Ive got a simple question? Whats the best resolution for a mobile game made with RPG Maker MV? -Khayalan
  5. sebarz

    Improve screen resolution on RPG Maker VX

    Hi everyone.  This is my first post and hopefully get in more participation around the forum. Anyway, back on to the beginning. Is there a way to improve the resolution at RPG Maker VX? Would be very helpful to know that it exist a way :) If i'm not mistaking, the actual size is 640x480...
  6. Soatz

    New Years RESOLUTIONS Problem T___T

    Hello dear friends, even if many people like the new HD 48x48 tiles, I’m very tight to old fancy graphics, with 16x16 tiles! I’m trying to make a game with extremely low resolution,similar to old SNES cool rpgs (about 256x224! Awhwawhahwah terrific isn’t it? ^^) I’ve faced some problems...
  7. CobraA1

    Responsive resolution

    There's been a few resolutiuon changing plugins in the past, however I've got a new twist on the concept. Previous resolution changers have been about selecting different resolutions, and while they have done a decent job, I wanted to go futher. This one is aobut changing the game resolution...
  8. sertianscompany

    Best Resolution for iPhone game

    Hello! :) I´m developing a game in RPG Maker MV for iPhone (5..5s..5c..6..6s..). I started with a HD resolution (Yanfly plugin) 1280x720 (16:9 landscape), character and the map looks far and small, so I don't want that. Then I used the Masked MapZoom plugin (MBS_MapZoom) which...
  9. PhoenixX92

    Resolution Questions

    This question has probably been asked many, many times, but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for, so feel free to kill this thread with a link. I'm wanting a resolution change for the game, however, I don't want it to be, idk? Stretched? I just simply want the screen borders extended to...
  10. Shirakami

    Resolution Option

    Resolution Options v1.1 by Shirakami About this script It will add a simple resolution selection on the options menu. You can set a list of available resolutions via parameters. There is also an option to automatically resizes the window to the new resolution as well as an option to force the...
  11. Lakaroth

    Windows/Screen Size

    Hello, before post i search around the forum something similar my request, i dont find it, in case i'm wrong, i ask sorry. I'm planning to create a pure pixel art old style game, in theory i need to use Low Resolution like 576X324. There'a a way to resize the game windows? Make it double size...
  12. Torqus

    Resolution and Black Borders

    Hi, maybe this has been discussed somewhere but this is the most important issue for me and I haven't read about it anywhere. Will there be black borders in 16:9 resolutions? Because it seems there will be. In that case, because of the new structure of the program, will there be a plugin or...
  13.  Nova

    Half resolution, but upscaled to the same window size

    Hello :D I'm wondering if it would be possible to write a script that halves the resolution (not in the traditional way, what I mean is, it halves the resolution and scales everything accordingly.) Much like the Fullscreen++ script...
  14. Resolution Limitations

    Why will the engine only support a 816x624 resolution? Every game I own (except older of course) has support for 1920x1080, and now, most games come out of the box with 4K support. I don't want to have to make my own art. I'm not an artist. I would rather want to buy HD art to use that I would...
  15. Brigg

    Random Black Border Around Screen

    I have been randomly encountering a glitch that I have been unable to recreate on my own. A black border about 3 tiles thick will sometimes wrap my screen when loading into a new map. If I try to walk to the tiles beyond the black border, the player walks off-screen.  I've tried to go...
  16. Rikifive

    Game resolution & Display

    Hello everybody! I was thinking about that for some time and I decided to ask you how it really looks. The problem is the game resolution... Actually not the game resolution, but its display in game when on full screen. I took a screenshot while in game and paste to GIMP and it looks like...
  17. IdarG

    RPG Maker 2003 Graphic Pack

    I'm wondering if there is any RPG Maker 2003 graphic pack out there for VX Ace.  BD Because I really love the 03 graphics but the resolution in VX Ace is like doubled! So, are there any way to make the graphics smaller, or perhaps an 03 graphic pack?
  18. Increasing Resolution

    Ok so I learnt a fair amount of ruby and can sorta find my way through the source code in the editor, but I still can't figure out how to increase(let's say double) the resolution of my game. I wanted to increase the resolution of both the portraits and the tiles and yeah I know that I will have...
  19. Sakif X9

    Problem with High resolutions and Victor's Animated Battle

    Well the bow attack doesn't seem quite right, check the problem out here. Also attacks with a sword or a melee weapon takes longer when the resolution is larger.
  20. Hollow 1977

    New Years Resolutions

    Okay it's 2015 and Happy New year to everyone! Now comes the resolutions. So post here in this yours in this thread. I'll start: This year I want to practice my art and become better at drawing especially with light and shadow. Also I would like be able get a game started in RPGmaker.

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