1. Sakif X9

    Problem with High resolutions and Victor's Animated Battle

    Well the bow attack doesn't seem quite right, check the problem out here. Also attacks with a sword or a melee weapon takes longer when the resolution is larger.
  2. Hollow 1977

    New Years Resolutions

    Okay it's 2015 and Happy New year to everyone! Now comes the resolutions. So post here in this yours in this thread. I'll start: This year I want to practice my art and become better at drawing especially with light and shadow. Also I would like be able get a game started in RPGmaker.
  3. blamethepoet

    Request: script for switching resolution between exploration and battle sequences

    Hi everybody As said in the title, I'm looking forward to somebody's help with having a script which may change the game's resolution for different parts of the game, for example during exploration I'd like to use the default one, during battle a 640x416. I think that it can be simple by...
  4. Khas Light + Screen Resolution

    Alrighty, so I'm using KALE, which is rad and all... But it does the clipping thing when the window is bigger than default. I don't see anywhere in KALE where I can edit the read resolution, and I didn't wanna fiddle with it before I got around...
  5. xSparkZx

    Good picture resolution?

    Hello I have a problem. I'm a good eventer, but the only thing I don't know anything about is the Show Picture command. I'm planning to make a scene where there's after a bit of talking a black slow flash and a landscape picture following after the flash where the people talk about, with the...
  6. Fullscreen & High Resolution

    Hi! As I explained on this topic (relevant posts to this discussion selected on spoiler), I wrote a script that bypasses the maximum resolution of VX Ace. Archeia suggested me to post on new topic, so I'm doing this. If possible, I would like if you try the script and give me some feedback...
  7. Stedar

    Screen issues with Yanfly Core Engine v1.09 and MGC Map Zoom Ace v1.6

    Hi guys, I'm having a strange issue in VX Ace with Yanfly's Core Engine v1.09 and MGC's Map Zoom Ace v1.6. The Core Engine v1.0 WORKS with Map Zoom v1.6 and does not have any issues. However with v1.09 of Core Engine, the player can walk offscreen to the left and to the right. Basically the...
  8. zero50

    Weird Issue in XP

    Hello! I have downloaded the trial version of RPG Maker XP but it refuses to work... I get the message "Cannot run with less than 1024 x 768 resolution" But I am using a 32 inches monitor at 1080p! Any ideas why this happens?
  9. Napoleon

    Viktors Fog&Overlay with 640x480 resolution not working?

    Fullscreen++ with Viktors fog&overlay prevents the overlays from becoming visible. They are still created however. As soon as I call: Graphics.resize_screen(640,480)Viktors overlay no longer works. If I out-comment the above line then viktors fog&overlay works again. The resize_screen() is only...
  10. Rield

    [RMVXACE]Larger Database?

    I was told to come here by a moderator on another forum for help, so hopefully you all know this problem. So I decided to get the trial version of Ace. It looked fine but when I went to look at things like the database, the database pop up window was too large for the entire screen, and the...
  11. Tuomo L

    Black border removal

    Basically, I want these borders gone. The problem comes in that unlike the often used method of having the screen go to 640x480 instead, I require the screen remain in the 544x416 mostly due to the scripts I'm using not liking the 640x480 resolution. So, in other words, a script that would...

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