1. Gatto_Fatuo

    Starting resources problem

    Hello, when I try to open the example vn it tell me that there's a problem with the resources... and if I try to put a background on a Scene, the bg folder is empty... can you help me? P.s. I've downloaded it from steam.
  2. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Halloween Themed Resources?

    I was wondering if there are any Halloween themed resources for MV like Tilesets, Character sprites and enemy sprites. I've been doing some Google searches and can't find much. Any ideas where I can find some? I'm planning on making a Halloween themed game if possible this year for Halloween.
  3. OmnislashXX

    MV Soldier/Guards

    Hey guys. I'm looking for guards, or more importantly some variations of them. For instance, I'd like to use Guards donned in golden, black, and red hued armor. If you could point me in the direction of those resources or make some guards yourself, I would be grateful. Thank you.
  4. OmnislashXX

    Cook/CHEF'S Hat Generator Parts

    Y'know, I could have sworn that I've seen a chef's hat somewhere. Could someone direct me to that? It's a generator part.
  5. Requesting Help with Detective/werewolf main character

    Resource Type: Character and battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: regular rpg mv style/ anime Description: Hoping to have a detective as my main character. he would have a brown trench coat, white button up shirt, black tie, brown pants, black dress shoes. his hair I would like to be black...
  6. LoserLumaSil

    Torch Light Doodad

    Just a simple torchlight for Yanfly's Doodad Plugin. Simply save it in the light/animated folder with the name "torchlight[4x1]" and it'll show up as an animated light. By default it's orange. Feel free to change the color to match whatever light it's supposed to be for in your game. Change the...
  7. Moonlight Daemon's Enemy Battler Extravaganza

    Hello everyone, this is Moonlight Daemon, and I'm finally ready to hand out some enemy battlers! I do take requests, but keep in mind that I have other things to work on here and there, so it may take some time. I reserve the right to ban you from using my resources if need be, though hopefully...
  8. Kip

    Mouse house/village Tileset for MV

    Hello there all you wonderful sprite artists out there! Today I have a delightfully whimsical request for you all! I am currently creating a small village that is populated entirely by mice. Imagine that you are walking through your home when you notice a small crack in your wall. If you place...
  9. eat beans

    Pixelated Windowskin

    Does anybody know where I could download a pixelated window skin? Like the ones from undertake or earthbound. Thanks!
  10. MacheteLove

    Animal Battlers!

    Hello everyone! I'm in need of some animal SV battler sprites for RPG Maker MV. I'm going to be making a hunter...ish character that uses animal companions that he can call into battle using SumRndmDde's Summon Core. If at all possible, I would like an owl, a bear, a turtle/tortoise, and a fox...
  11. Jachan

    Is there more than just Japanese Resources?

    Forgive me if it's in wrong place to post. Feel free to move it to the correct place. =D Like I said in topic, is there more things for "Character Creation" pieces in RMMV? Such as more clothes... more faces... more hairs... etc. Or are those three "Japanese Character Generator Expansion" the...
  12. Jachan

    First-timer to buy 'DLC' resources; Help?

    First of all, forgive me if it's wrong place to post. Feel free to transfer this to somewhere else that I could probably not find it (more likely overlook it). Second of all, I have looked around and really want some of those ones as useful resources that I may like to include... but as I did...
  13. Platsch

    need Horde Troopers sprites

    please, who can make a horde-trooper (She-Ra) character-set? for MV
  14. lemongreen

    Some stuff I've made

    Hey, thought it was about time I share a few of my creations with the greater RPG Maker community (though, I have to admit I still haven't made anything really impressive yet...) Pictures BattleStart Batters Faces/Busts Sprites I also have a few (kinda bad) music tracks...
  15. Aaron Krogh

    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    Friends, I'm sharing my background music resources for free use, including commercial use. There's no need to ask for my permission to use these, but please include me in your projects' credits with my full name, Aaron Krogh. You may download my entire free music collection up to...

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