resource creation

  1. HIIVE

    Atmospheric Resources for Unite,MVMZ,VXAce

    An ever expanding collection of free to use resources. Commercial & personal works allowed. Feel free to edit & sharing your edits and premades is encouraged! Legacy Assets available for download Here! (Dozens of old tiles) Most newer assets are rendered in 12 angles, with shadowing on the...
  2. Aquin25

    Need a purple mecha

    Would someone be willing to put together a design for a Purple, gundam/evengallion style mecha I can use as a character sprite. Must take up around a 9 by 9 grid of space in VX ACE. Thanks.
  3. resource wont work inside the game

    hi i really need some help... (working with rpg maker mv) i did it all by this video: and i got my resources in the game BUT when i play the game the resources are invisible! i still cant walk on the tiles i marked in X so the resource is there i just cant see him! pls help someone? I just...
  4. MikePjr

    Graphics pen monitor suggestions?

    Let me start off by saying that, i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask such a thing.. and I was a bit unsure.. But if this needs to be moved, please PM me and let me know where it gets moved to.. I lose track easily. I was wondering if anyone here does art and if so, do they use a...
  5. How does one create new character generator parts from scratch?

    Basically what the title asks. I have an artist who draws bust shots for the major characters in my project and edits their sprite art (but it takes a really long time to edit sprites for her, and it's really inefficient), but she has no idea how to create custom generator parts which could be...

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