resource management

  1. Lemonrice

    RMMV Aberrating Light - a horrifying love letter [ABS added]

    Well, after mentioning it in the October goals thread, I think it is time to finally introduce the concept I have been working on the past two weeks. So, let's begin! Genre: (Action) Horror Survival in a relatively modern environment Introduction All he wanted was to start over. Owen...
  2. GrandmaDeb

    Trying to Get All My MV Stuff

    I Read the FAQs, Scanned the tut pages, searched, etc. Here is where I am: Is this download a real thing? I cannot find a live link. _____________________________________from FAQ_____________________________________________...
  3. Need some basic help with Enemies resources

    Greetings to everyone first off. I am new to both RPGMaker MV and also to PVMAKER resource packs. They look awesome by the way. Great investment IMHO. Being a complete newb to all this I have, what I can only assume, is probably a basic question. Let me start by saying I sought and watched video...
  4. TMS

    How do you handle resource management?

    I'm doing some mapping tonight, and it got me thinking about resource management. I (and, I would assume, a lot of other forum members) have a bunch of potential RPG Maker resources saved on my computer, whether stuff I bought from the store or downloaded as part of the ReStaff or Member+...
  5. PixelLuchi

    Breakable weapons... Yay or Nay?

    So, I've been thinking of adding breakable weapons to my new project ( and if anyone can enlighten me on how to make one, I'd greatly appreciate it as well. :3 I know it has something to do with variables and stuff, but from what I've seen, you can only tag items with variables. I know PK8 has...

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