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  1. TungerMan

    Tearjerker Music Pack: Sad & Emotional Piano Music That Will Make You Cry

    This is a royalty-free resource pack consisting of 10 short piano compositions. Use them in your game to create a sad atmosphere during the game's emotional scenes. You can quickly listen to 20-second previews of each track by checking out this video: Or you can just give a full listen to...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Regarding the FSM (Blog) resources...

    Okay, so this is not exactly aimed at the two FSM resource packs being sold here (I do own them both), but rather at the extra stuff they seem to be posting on their blog. I think the English is a wee bit unclear, and I don't trust myself enough to not accidentally mistranslate the Japanese. But...
  3. Snowy Fox

    M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Official Thread

    The M-DRIVE 16-bit music pack is now up for grabs, and I personally am vibrating with excitement! Or maybe that cup of tea wasn't decaf. Either way, the pack has been incredibly fun and equally challenging to create, and is easily the biggest single project I have ever completed. This here is...
  4. Snowy Fox

    Selling Resources?

    Greetings! I've been working on a music pack for commercial release for some time now, and it's very nearly complete. How exactly does one go about requesting permission to sell resources through the RPG Maker website? There is also the issue that resources sold on the site are licensed only...
  5. JosephSeraph

    SeraphCircle Sideview Monster Packs

    Hey guys, its Jo again! I want to know if you guys are interested in my Sideview Monster Packs, and potentially other monster packs and graphic resource releases! Each pack contains 35 monsters with at least one palette / theme swap of each. This is a pack that has been finished for quite...
  6. Interested in creating a music pack.

    First of all, hello! I'm new here. I'm just wondering what is involved in getting a pack posted on Steam. I'm considering putting together a collection of tracks designed for fight/panic scenes. I have been making music as a hobby for 2 decades; you can listen to some of the stuff I've...
  7. Resources that mesh with Nightmare Land

    This is what I'm referring to, in case you didn't know: I'm not sure if this quite constitutes a "request", per say, but I thought this was probably the best place to put it. I don't know if the style that this is made in...
  8. Kich

    Preview: Assorted Forests Resource Pack

    Hey everyone! The other day I made a research about tileset resources that people want on RMMV. Most of all, people want more options to make good forests (or individual forest elements to be used wherever). So, just to let you know, I started to produce this Assorted Forests Resource Pack. And...
  9. Jonnie91

    [Resource Pack Preview] Memories Resource Pack Series (Choose your favourite)

    Memories Resource Packs  I've got a series of resource packs that I'm currently working on, and I'd love to get you all to give your feedback on what you'd like to see first!  Progress: 100%  Release Date: Out Now   Egyptian Memories brings you six tracks inspired by...
  10. Looking for hospital art

    So I'm looking for some hospital tile art. Preferably something within the 1900's range. Specifically I want the IV drip thingy.. I've been browsing the tile sets on steam and whatnot, but I can't find any with the pictures of the full range of art they provide.. can anyone direct me to the...
  11. metronome

    Real Futuristic Sprite, Battlers, Facesets Resource Pack?

    First of all, I am not sure if this is the right place for this kind of question, thus I decided to put it here. Hopefully, I am not wrong. Second, I don't mind paying, as long as it is what I needed (with good price lol). I have been looking for futuristic resource pack (sprite, battlers, and...
  12. Tommy Gun

    How to Create Autotiles - Video Series

    Here's my 3-part series on creating autotiles! Each video has chapter links in the youtube description so you can skip around.   Part 1 covers how autotiles work (see diagram below), the differences between A1-A5, borderlines, counters, etc. Part 2 shows how to create a standard seamless tile --...
  13. Alkorri

    How can we post reviews in the Store?

    Hi there, everyone. I've been meaning to write some reviews for products in the Store, only to realise that I can't. For some reason it would only allow you to Write a Review for things you actually acquired through the forum (for me it was Pixel Myth and Modern Shop Add-On). It won't recognise...
  14. Lunarea

    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers 2 | The Adventurer's Journey 2 | Fantasy Music Mini Pack

    Today, we have 3 great new products to share with you. Tyler is back with a brand new batch of battlers. Inspired by classic games like Dragon Quest, this set features 50 new battlers - from creepy fish from the depths of the oceans to trolls and dragons, and more! Check out some great...
  15. Redweaver

    Resource Packs

    Why would you lock my thread? Are you actively preventing me from automating a process that I find tedious? I'm no longer asking the staff to provide this, I'm looking to hook up with other users to make this happen, so it wouldn't be a drain on your resources. Why are you fighting with me over...
  16. Redweaver

    Resource Packs

    Its time to face facts. Installing the Resource Packs for use in your game project is a pain in the butt. It doesn't really matter what the various and sundry reasons are why it is this way, it is just acknowledging reality to admit its not as easy as it really should be. But I think we can fix...
  17. Golden Fish Entertainment

    DS+ Resource Pack "Save Menu" Script Issue

    We recently decided to add the alternate save menu script by Zalerinian, which was included with the DS+ Resource pack. HOWEVER, we have a problem :( Whenever we try to save a new file in-game, it saves the "playtime" of out current test file, but then resets everything else (characters...
  18. Resource Pack for 50s' USA?

    Has anyone made a resource pack for 50s USA? I'm making a game taking place in that era and I would much like one.
  19. About the Modern Day Tiles Resource Pack

    Hi, I just had a quick question about the Modern Day Tiles Resource Pack. Dose it have a modern day tile set for the Overworld? Like modern high-rise cities, rail roads, industrial plants, ect.
  20. Archeia

    Gameboy Retro Pack Interest

    Hello everyone!   If we were to sell a Gameboy/Retro Pack for the store, would you be interested in buying them? What would you like to see in it and what are your thoughts about it in general?   Below are sample screenshots of this possible future pack. There's also a Sample Track available...

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