resource packs

  1. AlanLane

    Old Forum Store Question

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to find our old purchases made to the forum store? I had bought some things when I had member+ for the bonus deals, and stupidly lost key information. I have all the files, but not sure where the credit lists are because they're off in other...
  2. JustinK

    What resource packs do you suggest for RMMV and how do they go with RTP?

    Hi there, Like the title says I'm looking to buy resource packs (mainly because I cannot create anything myself), but what I'm wondering is, what are the most sold ones and which ones go best with RTP? The games I will make are usually just the medieval JRPG games, so I do not need any...
  3. Snowy Fox

    Selling Resources?

    Greetings! I've been working on a music pack for commercial release for some time now, and it's very nearly complete. How exactly does one go about requesting permission to sell resources through the RPG Maker website? There is also the issue that resources sold on the site are licensed only...
  4. Buckets

    Just Double Checking

    I'm not sure I sent this to the right area, but I just wanted to make sure. Recently I bought RPG Maker MV, and I found the following two resource packs that I'll copy and paste them below. Thought, before I buy them, I saw that they have a symbol for what I'm pretty sure is RPG Maker VX...
  5. Using VX ACE Resource packs in MV

    Does anyone know of the legality of sizing up resource packs purchased for VX ACE to use in your MV projects?
  6. Tommy Gun

    How to import tilesets and Steam "DLC" - Video Tutorial

    This is a beginner tutorial showing how to import tilesets, music, character graphics, etc. (resource packs) into RPG Maker, and set passability settings. 0:51 Folder Locations 4:21 Importing Characters 6:18 Adding More Tilesets 9:53 Tileset Mode 11:42 Setting Passability 18:35 Sample Maps...
  7. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Requesting sprite resource packs... Thoughts?

    Ok, what I mean by this (and I'm not trying to be pushy), is that we have so many great tilesets and music packs and whatnot. But am I the only one who feels that we just don't have the diversity of sprites to work with them. Like modern sprites, or futuristic or the rural farm set. I for one...
  8. Lunarea

    Pixel Myth: Germania, JSM Party Themes & The Adventurer's Journey 3

        We are proud to present an amazing new resource pack that will completely blow you away. Pixel Myth: Germania was created by our very own Sharm, and it contains amazing new tiles and objects in a charming pixel style.   Just look at these tiles!: Gorgeous!!!   If you're using software other...

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