resource request

  1. recoculous

    MV SV Battler for RTP Mimic

    Resource Type: SV animated battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP, as seen by the treasure chest charset made by Avery, here. (Click to expand.) Description: Without limbs or tongues. It should be red for the default, but the ability to have other color options would be great. Hiddenone made...
  2. Looking for "horror themed" face parts for the generator.

    Resource Type: (Generator Parts) Maker Format: (VX Ace) Art Style: (Ace RTP) Description: I'm looking for something rather specific for a single character, and I'm honestly surprised that it hasn't been added before. Specifically, bleeding eyes, blood splatters on the face, stitched mouth...
  3. lunarrosecrow

    Shadow People

    RPG Maker MV: Character Generator Part TV and SV Male (If there is a female version wouldn't mind that also) Does anyone have a Clothing or Facial Mark that turns the characters body completely Black like "PITCH" Black here two is an example below
  4. Crazya

    Looking for Modern Icons for Rpgmaker MZ

    Hello, I have been searching and I think I'm just bad at searching. Currently, I'm looking for some nice modern icons, like cell phones, clothing, video game systems, and so on. Anything that gives off a modern feeling and something that fits with these dlcs. TO get an idea, I'm currently...
  5. Aussieportal

    Stick in the mouth Generator Part

    Hello all. Aussieportal here. I've been making characters up for my little project, and I'm looking for parts in a generator. Specifically, one where there is a blade of grass or a twig in the mouth of the character. Is there a particular resource that has this? I've looked through the...
  6. Shawnyadeadhomie

    Facesets of new races

    Hey I'm making a game that contains fantasy races, but the base character generator options don't allow for much besides humans and elves Does anyone know of any resources for unique races? I have lore for 4 races but I don't want to use elves and dwarves ect. I'm flexible with how they look as...
  7. lunarrosecrow

    Female Boxer Briefs and Sports Bra Request

    RPG Maker MV TV and Variation only needed here are the example photos Looking for underwear for a more Sporty Tomboy character does anyone know where something like this is or can anyone make something like this with changing colors please
  8. LetchkuSnow

    N/A (Close Thread)

    Looking for tilesets/furniture/etc (I think they're just resources, but I'm not sure) for a game I have in progress. I'd like some gore-filled tiles, and blood covered. I'd also like these themes: -Horror School -Horror Forest -Horror Doctors Office -Horror Dungeons (I'm aiming for mad...
  9. Vortex59

    Character request for horror game

    Resource Type: Character (Walking) Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: Horror Description: A completely black humanoid figure, slightly taller than a typical standard generator character, with red eyes and a red smile. Reference Images:
  10. Guardinthena

    Seeking Basalt Columns

    Resource Type: Tiles Engine: MV Art Style: FSM or close I feel embarrassed to ask, but I am seeking basalt columns, or geological structures like Giants Causeway in Ireland. I feel like constructing these tiles would be above my level, so I'm asking for assistance in this endeavor. What I...
  11. Catsquid

    Looking for large rocks/boulders

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace RTP, preferably Description: I'm looking for two large rocks. Both would be a shade of gray that is similar, if not identical to, the color of the Ace RTP rocks. Rock #1: A rock with a large crack on the right side. Mostly circular, but...
  12. DragonBlade650

    Tropical Island Tilesets?

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I'm looking for a tropical island tileset because i'm making an island survival game in which you have been shipwrecked. Reference Images: Something like this
  13. Giant Carrot in Ground or Lettuce Tiles for MV

    I'm looking for some giant versions of these: in the Mack style, please. These are for tiles about 48x48 pixels. I've looked everywhere, and even tried doing it myself, but I haven't found anything after almost half a day of on and off searching, and I don't really have the skill to make...
  14. MRD256

    Earth World Map

    Can someone make me a world map of Earth for RPG Maker MV? A field map. I want the width to be 500 and the height can be however as tall as you need it to be, also give the player enough room on the map to wonder around. Recreate the terrain as best you can to be accurate with the different...
  15. JoelMarler

    Modified Enemy Battlers

    Resource Type: Enemy Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original Description: I'm looking for someone to modify some of the enemy battlers for my game, simply so they look a little different to the default images. My game is set in a dystopian future, so making the battlers more...
  16. Request for sv_actors for the futuristic heroes DLC

    The Frontier Works Futuristic Heroes DLC has some amazing actors. Unfortunately, when this DLC was converted for MV, they didn't provide the sv_actors (sideview battlers and damaged graphics) for those characters. If anyone could undertake this project to create those (even mildly fitting to...
  17. Kev

    RMMV Anthro Char Sprite Request

    Would anyone be willing to help me design a few anthro characters for the RPG Maker MV world? I'm looking for something in the vein of hiddenone's anthro characters. I've done a pretty extensive search of what's currently out there, and there don't seem to be a lot of anthropomorphic animal...
  18. Actual_Isami

    Nightclub tileset

    I'm gonna be blunt, I need a strip club tileset, pole included. Must be compatible with the art style of the provided VX Ace tilesets. Must be okay with it being used for a commercialized game. Must be okay with it being used for an R18+(mostly gore, little to no sexual content) game. I am...
  19. OmnislashXX

    Recolor of Actor 2-2?!

    So uh...can I ask you wonderful artists on here for another favor? I'd like the Battler on the left have darker skin and pretty much look like the girl's face set on the right. Once again, any credits will be noted and placed into the game. Thank you in advance. (yes, she is a bad ..uh.. girl. )
  20. JaeJaeCee

    Extra Icon Sets

    I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to create several Icon Sets that I could use for items involved in a crafting system. These icons would be used in MV... They need to be for the items involved in the crafting system, and the items that would result from the crafting system. Current...

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