resource request

  1. emilywake

    RMMV Simple Festival Banner Tiles

    I'm needing banners in various colors for my maps. I couldn't find what I needed online to show you properly, so I made a basic (a.k.a. terrible) version in Paint. I would like to have pink, red, orange, green, blue, and purple. If anyone can make this a into a tileset I can use, I will give you...
  2. Danitinkis

    RMMV hair generator part request.

    Hi! So I am IN LOVE with my FFXIV character, so I would like to add him to my game. The problem is his hairstyle, I didn't found out any hair part that looks like hims, so if someone could create it I would be very thankful. Here is a variety of photos of every angle: I would need all the 4...
  3. Kacribus

    RPG MV : Just A Double Bed Request

    Resource Type : Tile Maker Format : MV Art Style : Normal standard-y RPG MV style. Description : Hello! I'm looking for a double bed for two. The purple default one for MV is too flashy and a total eye sore in my earthy-toned colored map. I found some real pretty double beds I liked but...
  4. JtheDuelist

    Theme Song With Lyrics Request

    Resource Type: Theme Song Maker Format: MV (and to be used for advertisements for the game commercially) Art Style: Artist's Original Description: I'm looking for a new theme song for my RPG, Downfall FES Re:Boot. I'm looking for something with a tune that gives a similar sort of feeling as...
  5. Skytor

    In need of a goddess statue

    I need a statue of a goddess, not the one in rtp though. It would be a woman, face on not to the side, in a long, flowing dress and a tiara that has angel wing style adornments coming out of either side. In the centre of the forehead area is a small blue gemstone, if you can make an animation...
  6. JtheDuelist

    Needing Art to Use with Moghunter's Battle HUD plugin

    Resource Type: Character Art for use with Moghunter's Battle HUD plugin's Classic II template Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's Original Take on the characters provided Description: I am needing full-body character art that is for use with Moghunter's Battle HUD in the Classic II template...
  7. Tonko

    [Spritesheet] Transform VX Ace Sprite to MV

    Hello there. I am currently developing a game where I am using this sprite from Avery (Can be found here: content removed EDIT: I was actually not authorized to put the picture here, so if you want to see it...
  8. Kacribus

    RPG MV Request : Animated Piano Tiles

    Resource Type : Animated tile Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Art Style : Normal to similar MV style. Description : Hi! Creating a horror game and the plan is to have the player walk into a dining hall and the piano starts to play on its own. Now, I have the still default piano tiles but they...
  9. Kacribus

    RPG MV Request : Gory Horror Sprites

    Resource Type : Several Horror Sprites :kaopride: Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Art Style : As long as it's absolutely frightening. Description : Creepy, gory, looking for several that are both humanized and dehumanized. I want a few humanized but gory and creepy sprites due to some audio...
  10. Kacribus

    Request : Horror Jump - Scare Audios

    Resource Type : Jump - scare audios for horror games. Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Audio Format : MP3 file is acceptable since I know how to convert it, although OGG file is more convenient since MV requires OGG files for all things audio. Description : Stressful and loud and scary jump -...
  11. Kacribus

    RPG MV Resource Request : Jumpscare Images

    Resource Type : Jumpscare facial image. Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Art Style : Not cartoony. Description: Gorey, creepy, scary, horrifying. A jumpscare image of some face that will pop up on screen and scare players. As long as it can scare, really. Unsettling. Reference Images below.
  12. [MV] Custom Title Screen

    Alright so I'm sort of wanting a simple, or what I think would be simple for most people just not myself, edit of a title-screen image we already have with another image on top. The rules say not to be vague, yet the above the vague, but don't worry. I didn't break the rules, yet. Let's hope I...
  13. lunarrosecrow

    Clothing Request

    Resource Type: Generator Clothing For RPG Maker MV So the main character of my game her race is based off the Elin from Tera Online if you've never head or played the game the picture of the character is exactly what she looks like just taller. Is there any clothing similar to that one in...
  14. BlissAuthority

    Dark, Tan, and Pale RPGMaker DS characters?

    I was wondering if someone had made variants of the DS and DS+ sprites that had and dark and tan skin. Pale skin would be a nice bonus as well. If not, I'd like to formally request some - specifically of a dark and tan Heroine and Elf set, but if anyone has "all of the above" lying around that...
  15. ShinySlowqueen

    [VX ACE]I need a custom Actor battler

    Resource Type: Battler Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Most of the battlers I'm using in the game have been Thalzon's Description:  There are two occasions in the game where you have to fight one of your party members.  The first, she is unconscious and possessed; the second, she is in...
  16. deathpunk187

    Viking Sprites Need (w/ possible portraits/facesets)

    Hey guys I'm looking for viking sprites that are both in armor and in casual clothing for both male and female, I'm making a game that is a fantasy but it's also going to be historically accurate so sorry if men with beards and horned helmets is what you thought would be best and I'm also...
  17. Cerevire

    Hunting a specific battler

    I'm looking for the battler that matches this default in game sprite I'm sure one exists somewhere i just cant seem to find it. ;^; Anyone who can help Id appreciate it! thanks!
  18. RebirthBlaze

    Horror Title Theme background

    Hello, I am faily new to the forums and I am currently creating a new Rpg horror game in vx and I'm not that good at art. I was wondering if anybody could be willing to make a free Horrific title screen background. I would really appreciate any help while im learning ruby scripting :D!  I...
  19. REQUEST: A Boss Sprite For This Awesome Dragon God Image.

    Could someone please take the time to make me a sprite sheet of this awesome dragon (the white one)? I provided an EvilGod sprite sheet as the basis. If you'd like to use it as a starting point, great. If you're willing to make me a sheet with the dragon facing all four different directions...
  20. Battler/Enemy Art Required

    Hi, I'm making my first game, I don't know whether I'll finish it or not (hopefully I will) but I was wondering if someone could make a battler of the sprite below. I'm not offering any payment but it would be nice if you could help me out. I will put your username in the credits of my game if...

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