resource request

  1. Sausage_Boi

    Can you remove an arm please?

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can make it so this sprite only has 1 arm. Either one is fine. I tried to do it myself, but the results were terrible. Thank you for your help!
  2. Wren

    Frontier Works Futuristic Hero/Fantasy Hero/Dark Hero - Sprite Requests

    Resource Type: Characters, Battlers, Walking Sprites, Damaged/down Sprites. Maker Format: RPGMaker MV Art Style: MV RTP Description:  I would like to commission a pixel artist or a team of pixel artists if needed to produce character sprites, side view battle sprites, and damaged/down sprites...
  3. The_Exiled_One

    Character Sprite Request

    Hello, everyone! I'm searching for someone to make for me a few different kind of sprite "states" for each character from below (made by hiddenone).   The "states" that I'd be looking for are that of them lying down in sleep, sitting down, all of the "Damage" type of sprite positions, which...
  4. EliteKilljoy

    Dragon Sprites and Portraits/Busts Needed

    Hey, guys. I'm working on a fantasy RPG where the boy finds a dragon egg. It hatches eventually into a baby dragon and the story follows them as they grow. So what I need from you guys is sprites and portraits/busts for each of the following of the dragon's growth stages: Egg (including...
  5. Sausage_Boi

    Humble Request for a Title Screen

    Some of you may remember my entry to the Super Awesome Face Contest. Well, it's back, and better than ever! Only problem is, I don't have a proper title screen. I am using the Demon reaching at the player for a placeholder, but I am here to humbly request a nice title screen for my abomination...
  6. [VX ACE] request for facesets/spritesets/battler

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for artists who are interested in creating facesets/spritesets + 1 battler (see below). You can do these separately and for one character so there's no obligation that you have to do both. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am pretty crummy with art/digital art. o My...
  7. Anorak

    Logo Request for Dark Fantasy Game

    Heya, my first actual post around here and first resource request, so I apologize in advance if I'm doing things wrong. I'll try to supply a sufficient amount of information, even though the game is in very, very early development. Basically, I'm looking for a logo which can compliment this...
  8. Kevin O'Ryan


  9. Iconset

    Hey, it's me again. :) It feels like I'm requesting way to much. :|   This time I'm looking for an Itemset that contain some armor, weapons and basic items like potions. I already found one ( ) but it's way too big and contains...
  10. Korimax

    Mack VXA Style Sprite Request

    THIS IS "MOST LIKELY" FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF DOING A REQUEST FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT FOR FREE, THEN DON'T DO IT, I MADE THIS REALLY BOLD AND OBVIOUS! (Most likely since I guess it depends if it gets greenlit in the future among other things.) EDIT: I need a...
  11. Tortured Healer

    One Face and Sprite set?

    Hello all. I am pretty new to this website, and very new to the whole rpgmaker brand (except for the psx and ps2 versions, which I owned as a kid). I had an idea for a character for the game I'm creating. He's a goblin, and younger than the other characters in the game. All of the main...
  12. Korimax

    RPG Maker Mack Generator for VX?

    Okay I am looking for the Mack Sprite Generator for VX/Ace because I recently discovered that the generator I found was for the Mack XP Sprites. Now normally I would be fine with it, except that I couldn't really find pre-made sprites by Mack that were in his XP Style, while I did find his...
  13. Korimax

    Possible Faceset's Hair Recolor

    THIS IS FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF DOING A REQUEST FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT FOR FREE, THEN DON'T DO IT, I MADE THIS REALLY BOLD AND OBVIOUS! Okay well I had a request similar to this one previously... So I'll get straight to it.  I need a face's hair to be...
  14. Korimax

    Question about a resource...

    Okay well I was being a bit of a internet creeper, you know just browsing around various places. Well I was on Ruruga's Website, and well I came upon a resource that I found quite appealing and well I basically fell in love with it just the problem is, well I don't believe I have seen the style...
  15. Korimax

    Main Characters' Sprites (VX to XP Style)

    Okay well I am working on getting my Project to go from Ace graphics to the beautiful XP Graphics, part of that includes sprites, and one of those sprites would be my main characters. So my request is simply a sprite set of said characters in an XP Style (But in 3x4 frames since I will still be...
  16. Korimax

    Probably Impossible Request VX-XP Tilesets

    Okay to be honest, I have no idea how I should start a request for something so... big. I mean I at least see it as big others might not. To be honest I don't expect anybody to help me but I thought I might as well post since I might be pleasantly surprised. Anyway the request is simple to...
  17. Korimax

    Entire Collections Search.

    Okay to start things simple this is only a request and honestly I have no idea who would be crazy enough to help me with this. But I thought since I am surrounded by several RM masterminds, they may have the resources, since it would seem they have left the face of the internet. Currently I am...
  18. Tuomo L

    Young Brenda portrait

    I found this adorable faceset and charaset for young Brenda and would love to see a portrait done to complete this lovely set.
  19. Julius Lionheart

    Character Templates?

    Are there any running sprite template for vx styled charsets? Thanks in advance. Regards, Julius Lioncourt
  20. AlphaSilvr

    Anthropomorphic Elephant

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across an Anthropomorphic Elephant sprite. If so, please point me in the right direction because I can't find anything. (Forums, GrandmaDeb's lists or Google/Bing) Maybe I am looking wrong, I don't know, but any help would be great!   If there isn't one...

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