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  1. Lifeh

    NPC problem

    Hi all, we are making an open world game, but we are having an issue with an NPC, the NPC should become a playable character after talking to him and follows the main character, but if we leave that part of the map and then come back the npc is there and makes the conversation start again...
  2. Trust

    Different variables for a skill?

    Hi, I'm working on a skill that has different effects. It's a special skill, that can cause different status, like instant death or lowering stats. But I'm struggling with giving it different elements, and adding a chance of a luck lowering effect.
  3. Trust

    Going through a part of the map to the other using only one direction?

    Hi all, I started making maps for my games, and I made a 4 blocks wide passage from a map to another, and it has a weird way of working, like despite putting up and down on each block if I stay right in ront of a passage and press either left or right I can still go to the other map, and I want...
  4. Trust

    How to use the parallel process?

    Hi all, I tried to make an event using a parallel process, the event is a simple intro after starting a new game, with dark screen and some dialogue, but I don't know why, for a split second I see the character and the map before the intro starts. Can someone tell me what did I do wrong?
  5. Trust

    how to ad new items or weapons

    Hi all, I created a new weapon, and I'm trying to add the new icon I made for it, but even if I imported it I only see the other normal sprites from the iconset. How can I add my weapon?
  6. Trust

    character and weapon evolution

    Hi all, I'm making an open world rpg, and I want to implement a weapon evolution system, something like for example a knife evolving to an elemental sword, and I also want the protagonist to evolve at each boss he defeats, like taking their powers, changing also he's form. Can anyone tell me or...
  7. How to make an animated menu

    Hi, I wanna make an animation triggered by: start game. I want to make it like a jumpscare at the start of the game, for example. Can someone help me with it?
  8. Help 2

    Hi, I'm triyng to make a game where enemies kills you just by touching you, but still don't understand how to do it and i don't know how to remove the lv or the health bars.
  9. mlogan

    Rules Resource Support Rules/Guidelines

    This section is for getting help with all things resources. Do: Follow all general Forum Rules Follow all applicable Resource Section rules Ask for help with specific RM resources (ex: How do I format a resource?) Ask for help with creating resources (Advice on programs to use...

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