1. Semiclassics

    [VX/ACE] Barber's Pole

    Resource Type: Tile/Animated or not Maker Format: (VX,Ace) Makers I Own: (VX,Ace) Art Style: Mack/RTP Description: Looking for a Barber's pole to use in my game. I would like it exactly like the reference image (red casing). Bonus if it's animating but all good if not. As for the size, 20px...
  2. Lpdp

    Trying to draw trees

    Actually, I've wanted to learn pixel art for a long time, but unfortunately I'm still far from succeeding. Some of these drawings may still need improvement, because it's been a long time since I've drawn. Term : free to use for Commercial and non-commercial
  3. TsukiTheLunatic

    help to find the original source to specific resources

    (i dont even know if here is the rigth place, let me know if suitable for here or not) So here the deal i was looking on google for cars characters set and found this especific one coming from a blog but there was no credit to it, i quite like them but for not having credits i not sure of the...
  4. Other RPG Maker's resources in RPG Maker MZ

    Hello everyone and first of all I am really sorry If a similar question was asked on the group before. I tried to search for it beforehand but couldn't find a definitive answer. Straight to the point, I own practically all RPG Makers on Steam, hence I would like to know if I can use resized and...
  5. Pheonix KageDesu

    Alternative title images (free)[Resource pack]

    70+ alternative images of RPG Maker MZ default title images (img/title1 folder), you can use them as you want, you can edit them. Yes, I know that almost everyone makes their own initial screen picture to match their game, but still, suddenly someone will need it, you can use it as a some...
  6. RMMZ make plugins

    Hey everyone, I'm new to RMMZ, I usually use VXAce but i decided to upgrade to a newer version. I would liek to know if i want to make plugins, is there resources on how to do it? I made plugins myself with Ruby, so i want to know how to do it with JS. Thank you
  7. HailTheQueen

    Looking for male animations

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for walking on all fours and dragging laterally sprites for males (like there is a drag animation, but just up and down) Does anyone happen to have anything similar?
  8. Where can I find huge amounts of character sprite resources?

    Does such a resources pack or dataset exist? I'm interested in 1000+ sprites of characters in order to do some AI-based character generation. I'm not particular at all on the style, just that there are a lot of sprites.
  9. Rpics

    Sun Shine

    I created 44 sun shine image wau, all for free, you can integrate them into your RPG Maker MZ and MV projects, maybe even others, but mainly MZ / MV you can find them on my site. ------------------------------------- Sun Shine also My Game Steam Demo Plugins, Mod & More
  10. Kitten2021

    Parallel Worlds Character Pack Questions (RMMZ)

    Hello again all~ I am looking to purchase the Parallel Worlds Character Pack off of / (RPGMW's merchant shop site), but that only seems to come with male characters - I'm really in need of female characters with the exact same kind of thing done to them (from...
  11. haze_dj

    Where can i get these Tilesets/Assets?

    Does anybody know what the name of these tilesets/materials is? Where can I buy/download them? I'm really new to RPG Maker so I don't know much about this stuff.
  12. bluevegas02

    Phoenix Walking Character Animation

    Hello, Resource Type: (Walking character sprite, monster) Maker Format: (MV or MZ) Art Style: (Honestly not sure. I just really need it to look more so like a phoenix rather than looking like just a regular bird.) Description: (As I mentioned before, looking for an actual walking character...
  13. StartTsu_

    Slim body without clothes for male and female.

    Male/Female SV, TV, TVD + Masks Download -
  14. Shawnyadeadhomie

    Big ole bonus pack

    So I never got the pack because I didn't preorder MV and then I guess there was some censorship issues in the US. I'm just wondering if there's any way to get the resources anymore? I'm making a futuristic game and I could really use the robots and that blue lady in the middle.
  15. Sideview Enemies to YanFly plugin

    Hi! The enemies made by Bilbo at are not working anymore. Anyone has it and can share with us?
  16. JardsonJean

    RTP Edit for RPG Maker MZ - Luscious Overworld

    Hi, guys! My name is JardsonJean and I'm from Brazil. You might know me from other resources online, mostly maps. I'm the one behind the LadyLuck page on (Check Here!) I love using RPG Maker to create overworld maps and just recently I got MZ. The default tileset felt a little empty and...
  17. ratquaza

    RMST - Quickly create sprite sheets

    Hi everyone. Recently I came across an issue (maybe specific to me) where I had over 400 separate images and wanted to make "faces" images out of them for my game. Of course, this would take a long time to do by hand and so I decided to make RMFG. RPG Maker Faces Generator is a lightweight...
  18. Froggo32

    Recoloring cat sprites

    Sprites are made by whtdragon: whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons! | RPG Maker Forums ( (I recolored eyes a bit) Could someone recolor this sheet please? I'm not good at it. What I'm looking for is: - recoloring eyes (can be orange, yellow, green...
  19. JardsonJean

    Yakuza Like a Dragon Inspired Damage for RPG Maker MV/MZ

    DOWNLOAD HERE This is a ready to import graphical set of numbers for displaying damage on RPG Maker MV/MZ based on Yakuza Like a Dragon style. The purpose is to mimick the original design of the game and none of the assets were pulled from it, so you can use them commercially without...
  20. rechronicle

    Asset conversion, is it allowed to publish?

    I hope this is the right place to ask. Let's say, I'm converting assets from MV to MZ, then release it online. Is it allowed? As what I'm doing here will be releasing something that is locked behind paywalls and furthermore I can't control what the downloader will do to the asset. Whether they...

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