1. BlackRoseMii

    Wondering about making assets

    (I didn't know where to post this, so please tell me if there's a better place for this) So, since my game is almost complete, I've been thinking of what to do afterwards. I'm currently studying Game Art and I want to start making assets (mainly characters). I've seen that character assets...
  2. Flannery

    [RMMV] How Do I Find the Missing Default Resources From Back When MV First Released?

    As I was looking around the Forums, I saw that there are supposed to be certain Default Resources available that no longer exist as part of the main download. As I understand it, users could get those resources through a Dropbox link that no longer works or through a link on the Japanese MV...
  3. SpyroFan67

    Mind Tileset?

    Ok so I decided that maybe at some point in my game I was going to have this trippy part where the main character is actually inside the other character's mind and is actually going through all of their personal memories, and I was wondering if there is a tileset for the inside of someone's...
  4. Ms Littlefish

    RULES: MZ Resource Showcase Rules

    General Rules: Any kind of graphical or musical resource can be submitted here. You must have permission, or be the sole creator, to post said resources. Show proper respect to your fellow forum members, flaming, harassing or pointless bashing on other members is not tolerated. When giving...
  5. Looking for Castlevania Monster Resources

    If this is against the rules, I apologise. Anyway, I'm working on a fan-made Castlevania RPG using RPG Maker MZ. And I'm looking for Monsters (Side-view if possible, but I'll work with what's there). There's like 5 or 6 of the Default Monsters that I can use in my project, but I'm struggling to...
  6. Rinober

    Futuristic Outlands - Showcase

    Hey all! Finally, my new pack Futuristic Outlands was released. Find it on the RpgMaker DLC store or Steam(MZ) / Steam(MV). With the Futuristic Outlands pack you can finally create exciting environments for your heroes to explore - colorful forests, rough mountain areas, luminous lakes...
  7. Time fantasy resources and The mighty pack questions

    Hi :) I recently bought rpg maker mv as I want to start developing a classic rpg as the ones from the 90s (I know there are tones and mine will be just one more, but I make it for me and for people who want it for free, not for commercial) I found the mighty pack, a resource pack with 8 bit...
  8. HailTheQueen

    [MV] University theme

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for college/university themed resources. Classic anime style uniforms, modern building, all that. Do you happen to know a good pack for it?
  9. Dungeonmind

    How do I get access to resource packs if I don't have access to the old email?

    How do we get access to resource packs if we don't have access to the email that we used at the time? I just don't have any way of really knowing what I already purchased or not unless I'm missing something.
  10. Need Oriental/Japanese Resources

    Hey friends, i am working on a samurai game on VX ACE and i need japanese and samurai graphics. i Already have the KADOKAWA samurai pack, but i would like more resources. can you guys help me? i really need more characters.
  11. Phantasmagoric

    Help finding the original artists

    I've been going through the battlers I have on my folders again to see what I'll use on my game, and since I've been trying to complete some game since like 2015 on VX Ace, I've collected a lot of battlers around the internet ever since I was a young foolish boy. Now that I care about credits...
  12. any character resources

    hello im looking for some assets i can use for npcs the thing is i cant find any free ones online so does anyone know where i could get some?
  13. HailTheQueen

    Looking for cattle feeder/slaughterhouse tileset

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a tileset to create a farm. Have you ever seen those greenpeace annoying adds for macro farms? Something of that style. Looking for small jails, cattle feeder systems, meat hooks, etc. Do you guys know of anything similar that I could use/buy?
  14. ArcKaarisun

    Arc's Resource Packs

    Hello all! I'm posting one of my resource packs that I created some time ago for MV. They are free to use for both commercial and personal. You can modify them as you wish. Just please credit me if you use for commercial project. Also, if you like what you see, please consider donating on my...
  15. AwesomeDog45677

    Dryad Sprites? (MZ)

    Does anyone have Dryad Map Sprites that I could use? By Dryad I mean people that are half human, half flower (like the top half of a human coming out of a flower).
  16. Tilesets with anime merch

    Okay I know this is probably way too specific but I figured I’d ask anyways. I’m creating a slice of life game and there’s a certain character who is really into anime. I want to put anime looking posters, figurines, or plushies in his room. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any resources...
  17. About Music and SFX cross platform

    I recently started developing my first Visual Novel using the Visual Novel Maker software from Degica. While following a tutorial, it was mentioned due to a cross platform agreement it is possible to use music packs and sfx bought for RPGM productos such as ACE, VX and MV. I can't find...
  18. How can i make my own sprites/generator parts

    Hello! I'm so newbie, just discovered is possible add resources at the game, I don´t know how to do an edit, or what the heck is a template... So, I just wanted to know if a little caritative soul could explain me (Like to a baby) how I can make my own sprites of bodies, clothes, hair, etc...
  19. RPGMVNoob

    Movie Posters | FREE - [large]

  20. Rinober

    Futuristic Characters - Showcase

    Hey all, a new asset pack has arrived, complementing my drawn graphic style for your games: Futuristic Characters is now available. Find it on Degica Shop or Steam! I'm creating this thread to give you some impressions on what you can actually do with the graphics. This pack adds 12 new...

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