1. AwesomeDog45677

    Dryad Sprites? (MZ)

    Does anyone have Dryad Map Sprites that I could use? By Dryad I mean people that are half human, half flower (like the top half of a human coming out of a flower).
  2. Tilesets with anime merch

    Okay I know this is probably way too specific but I figured I’d ask anyways. I’m creating a slice of life game and there’s a certain character who is really into anime. I want to put anime looking posters, figurines, or plushies in his room. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any resources...
  3. About Music and SFX cross platform

    I recently started developing my first Visual Novel using the Visual Novel Maker software from Degica. While following a tutorial, it was mentioned due to a cross platform agreement it is possible to use music packs and sfx bought for RPGM productos such as ACE, VX and MV. I can't find...
  4. How can i make my own sprites/generator parts

    Hello! I'm so newbie, just discovered is possible add resources at the game, I don´t know how to do an edit, or what the heck is a template... So, I just wanted to know if a little caritative soul could explain me (Like to a baby) how I can make my own sprites of bodies, clothes, hair, etc...
  5. RPGMVNoob

    Movie Posters | FREE - [large]

  6. Rinober

    Futuristic Characters - Showcase

    Hey all, a new asset pack has arrived, complementing my drawn graphic style for your games: Futuristic Characters is now available. Find it on Degica Shop or Steam! I'm creating this thread to give you some impressions on what you can actually do with the graphics. This pack adds 12 new...
  7. RPGMMZ - MV Trinity Resource Pack Passibility

    Hey all, Not sure if this is the right section of the forums (I really hope it is) but I wanted to ask if anyone had a MZ project that uses all the tilesets from the MV Trinity Resource Pack with all the passibility rules set up already. I've been at it for literal hours and I still can't get...
  8. Bandito

    For people that bought Downtown Dungeon - Starter Kit by Malibu Darby, I have questions.

    Hi I have been trying to get in contact with this person, but I don't see how I can do that since he or she hasn't enabled the comments section in his products. So these question will be directed at MalibuDarby (if @PixelJustice is the moniker he uses here, he had this one on Twitter which he...
  9. taarna23

    Taarna's VX Ace Upscales! (For RMMZ and RMMV)

    XP upscaling has been an enormous headache due to the differences in tileset styles, so this is my way of taking a break! These tiles were significantly easier to piece together, as no real editing beyond the upscale process had to take place. All tiles were split up individually, or in small...
  10. Wecoc

    Wecoc's XP Resources

    I'll include here some of my XP resources. Terms of use - Credits (Wecoc) are optional but appreciated. - Free for commercial & non-commercial use. - You can edit them freely and post them here or somewhere else, but in that case don't take full credit. I'm starting with some old characters...
  11. Wecoc

    Wecoc's MZ Resources

    I've been checking the RTP of MZ and those graphics are pretty nice, but I felt some tiles are a bit off to me. That's why I'll make some fixes, and maybe some addons as well. I know others have been doing the same, for example Avy's MZ Stuff has some great fixes... But you know me, I'm the RTP...
  12. Jerrytheroast322

    How do you create a "lost woods" type puzzle?

    I've seen a few threads on this but I might need a dumbed-down answer. Basically, I'm wanting to create a lost woods type puzzle where the character is randomly transferred to different maps until they follow a specific sequence of transfers that leads to the true exit of the forest. Similar to...
  13. Rinober

    Futuristic Vehicles - Showcase

    Hey all, another graphic pack for my drawn style has been released: Futuristic Vehicles is now available. Find it on the RPG Maker store or Steam! I'm creating this thread to give you some impressions on what you can actually do with the graphics. This pack adds some stylish futuristic and...
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a character from a constructor?

    I've been looking for a character from a constructor, but I couldn't find any, does anyone know where they can be?
  15. Platinum_CRuX

    Lofi/Retro/'Chiptune' System Sound Effects [Free/Any use]

    Hi all, recently I started creating a retro-styled RPG, and felt that the system sound effects (cursor, decision, buzzer, etc.) provided in RPG MV/MZ were a bit too modern for my tastes. So, I took the vanilla MZ system effects and ran them through a bit crusher & limiter to create a fresh set...
  16. TheRamenGirl

    Diversity XP Mack Template Pack For VX/ACE - 12 Recolours!

    - Diversity XP Mack Pack Edits - We need some diversity on RPG MAKER too! :biggrin: They are not much.. But i really wanted to make them and share them! Also this is my first resource post i hope you like them! They are NOT loose Leaf templates. They are XP templates made for RPG Maker VX and...
  17. l8rose

    L8rose's MZ Edits

    RPGMaker MZ Edits Available for Commercial and Non-Commercial provided you own RPGMaker MZ. No credit to me necessary but other standard RPGMaker MZ credits are required. Note: Spiderwebs aren't edited but free for use in the gravestone's cases. These are mostly just recolors made for the...
  18. EpicFILE

    What do you think about royalty-based resources?

    Hello folks! :D I am interested to know the business side of video game development (more specifically for RPG Maker). As far as I know, the resources available for games come from either resource packs, or paying a service to resource makers. I haven't seen the resources that come with...
  19. Rinober

    Futuristic Dungeons - Showcase

    Hey all, it's finally time for my 3rd pack Futuristic Dungeons to be released. Find it on the RpgMaker DLC store or Steam(MZ) / Steam(MV). This thread is to show you some example maps I've made with this pack, so you get an idea of what is possible. I think these are the most versatile...
  20. Candacis

    Candacis' Resources for MZ

    Candacis' Resources for MZ Terms of Use: You can only use those edits in an RPG Maker product and you have to have RPG Maker MZ. Free for non-commercial and commercial projects. You need to credit me! You need to send me a copy of your finished game, if you do a commercial project. Feel free to...

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