1. How do I change the respawn point of the player without saving?

    I wanted to make a system where with a certain switch on, you will only respawn at a specific map and coordinate, and if you save it will not change that. Does anyone know how I can do this?
  2. invidious

    RM MV Pokecenter / Healing Center

    Bare with me, please. I'm still a noob so I'm going to try and explain it best I can. (Only have 177 hours clocked in on steam for RMMV) I've been doing some research for my game but all I come across is scripts or quick events for VX Ace, but I need to make one for RPG Maker MV. So... how...
  3. [VXACE] Respawning enemies for Action Battle System

    Hello. I am using Sapphire ABS, which is the best fitting for my game, from all action battle systems available. I love it's features, though it comes with kind of limited options in terms of loot or respawning events. I've managed to create my own event based loot system, but respawning events...
  4. andrus

    Respawn time :: How to do?

    Hi girls and guys! Can you help me? I saw @Syndicate mining tutorial for RPGM MV and I'm trying to use that (mining/harvest) system but with "respawn event". I've tried many differents thing s but I can't nail it! In fact, I'm using a harvest event (images above) but in the end I need a 'wait...
  5. Problems with the wait event

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong thread. I'm new to the site. Second, I need some help, whether it be an simple fix or a script. I'm making a game strongly based off gathering resources, and I want them to respawn over time using the wait command, but I've noticed an issue. Once you've...
  6. Reviving/Respawning in Church

    So yeah, let's say... A party of three people in a VX Ace game were to die in battle against a few orcs. Instead of getting a Game Over, I'd like the party to respawn in a church so the player can continue playing: a feature akin to Shining Force. How can I do this?
  7. [Problem] Enemies keep respawning

    Okay, so, I have an event which starts "Battle Processing..." and begins a certain encounter when the character steps on it. The problem is that, after deployment, the three enemies in the encounter keep reviving on their own at the end of every turn! I have nowhere set anything like this to...
  8. Servidion

    Respawning Chests/ores?

    Is there a nicer way to respawn a chest after an hour aside from having a second page with "wait 999" a pile of times and a self switch?
  9. BonnieLass

    Respawning Resources Trouble

    So I want to create a resource gathering system where the resources respawn after a certain number of days, which are kept track of via a variable. I'm stumped as to how to do this though. My solution to the problem is a failure. Basically I set up a system where when a resource is gathered the...
  10. Baerthe

    The Enchiridion (Tutorials of Awesome) (Updated 2/19)

    So here I have a variety of tutorials! If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or feedback; then feel free to post 'em! If you use the tutorial, remember to like the thread! :) Game Over events; That is adding stuff to happen on a game over that is not the original go to title screen...
  11. xadder

    Respawn Feature

    Hello,  I an interested in a Respawn function.  What I am looking to do is have the party respawn at the most recent save point or dungeon entrance if they die.  Rather than "relaoding a save" I want the player to keep any progress they made up until they died. Basically when the party gets...
  12. Respawn enemies, player stuck

    Hello every1!! So i started on RPG Maker Vx Ace a few days ago, and now i'm having a problem on respawn enemies. Gonna try to explain: I have a enemy sprite->event page 1 @>Battle Processing:Slime*2 @>Control Self Switch:A=On, i have Random movement normal speed and freq, Same as characters...
  13. prince of mars

    (RPGMXP) have the player respawn at a set location after death in random battle

    hello everyone what I would like for my game is to have a machine which re-spawns the player if he dies in certain rooms and I would like to have it switch activated. so if someone could write a script which says if the player dies in room A and switch 1 is on he will be teleported to room B...
  14. Petite Elite

    Re-spawn rather than "Game Over"

    First things first; would this even require a script?  I'd know how to event something like this, if it weren't for that pesky "Game Over" screen... Is there a way I can create a common event to transfer the player to a "checkpoint" when every team member has state death applied? I think this...
  15. Roopiez

    Woodcutting Question

    Hello there! I'd like to begin by apologizing if this question has already been asked; I looked around a bit, and I didn't see it. So, my question is this: If I've successfully made a woodcutting Common Event and whatnot, is there any way I can have the trees respawn after a while? That way...

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