1. Gianmarco

    How to find and add modern clothing for the editor

    Hi everyone, I am making (actually almost finished) a game in which the protagonist is a 16 years old Italian male or female studying in a contemporary high school. I need some modern clothing to add into the editor for them, nothing difficult: a simple hoodie, a pair of jeans, some t-shirts...
  2. Pack to get XP characters for VX,VXA and MV

    Hello everybody ! I'm going to present you a resource pack to get the RPG Maker XP characters for VX, VXA and MV! Here is the link: It is free and here are the conditions of use: Credits: Enterbrain CyrilRPG (Not required) It is free to use for...
  3. Mijani

    Mijanis RM2k3 Edits, recolors and Tiles

    Mijanis RM2k3 Edits, recolors and Tiles Heya everyone, since I'm recently having fun editing the RTP of RM2k3, I thought I'll share some of the stuff I did so you can use it aswell. Some are recolors, some Edits and some are made by myself from scratch. Anyway, I hope that you'll find some of...
  4. Jonforum

    Spriter ressource rip

    Simply wow !!! Here my good found <removed link to ripped resources>
  5. djmisterjon

    My first share resource, 12 FPS animation plant (Full projet) (AE) (PS)

    My first share resource :) Am testing some animation. Is my first one, so am poor. The next will be better because I learned some technical error Plant animate, with 12 frame left and right You must have the plugin Galv's Character Frames Enjoy Full PSD AND AE After...
  6. Or come to these addons?

    (Sorry for my english, I use Google translation.) Hello, I download a resource pack containing further held that: I had to remove it because I had problems and it took I delete the file RPG Maker Generator Mv. But I'm having more to find the link or was this pack. I know that I had taken on...

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