1. Arcadia1996

    [Rpg Maker MV] Actor faceset free ressources/free to ask

    Hi,I was searching for actor 3_4 online and didn't find anything about her so I decided to make a faceset for her. You can also ask me for other actors,I'll post them if I can. They are free to use without quoting me or anything.
  2. ddejan90

    Looking for Anvil as a character

    So, basically, I need an anvil to use during black smithing. Currently, I use a furnace (also as a character), but I made my black smithing a bit more complex, you need to refine ore (melt) and then craft a bar. So, I have anvil as a tile set, but I need one as a character because I don't want...
  3. Kaduki Sprites

    Ok, i know that the sprites of Kaduki now are payed, but, i have them, and i love them. I want so much to use them in my game (Non-Commercial) but i don't know if i am allowed. Please help me!
  4. Djentboi

    Mechs ressources(for battles)

    Hello i'm a newbie and me and some friends we wan't to create a rpg in hommage of our favorite rpg (Xenogears and Xenosaga). Thanks to someone in this forum i had 2 sprite of mech(just here But i sadly can't use it in...
  5. Marquise*

    Translated Terms of Usage of French blogs

    Hullo, I've been typing about that since a long while now and I thought this was it! A bit in homage to @slimmmeiske2's work on her Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs and seeing that Nio Kasgami seemed to had found of our resources posted without permission on French sites and...
  6. nio kasgami

    Service for Spot Illegal "ressources pack" in french forums

     Hi people! Shortly I got told by Avery that certain french RM forums actually don't respect the artist TOS (term of use) in every case and repost or steal our ressources...but sadly it's kinda hard for English native speakers of other nationalities to go on those forums and tell them to remove...
  7. FeaR616

    Game Character Hub Ressources?

    Hi, I hope this is the right place. I use the Game Character Hub to create some sprites but due to the limited amount of hairs, clothes, armors etc. they all look kinda same.. I have a simple question: are there some more ressources to add or to use with the Game Character Hub?? maybe...
  8. nio kasgami

    Nio Kasgami Ressources ShowCase

      Heyos people! Nio Kasgami here, and welcome in my resources showcase where I will do mostly RTP resources.   My specialty are face sets, bust and full body(or battler). I will generally post resources from the RTP New Generation!   Project RTP New Generation?   How this work?   About the...
  9. Lord Malkom

    Is it legal?

    Hello there community, I got some questions about ressource legality. I want to know if the following things are legal in non commercial project and in a commercial project. So I know that for Lunareas ressources it is allowed to use it in non commercial. But she wants to get asked if it's a...
  10. Blackstarwolf

    Blackstarwolf's manipulations^n.n^

    Hello together^^ First my english isn't the best thing I have learned, I hope you don't kill me for it x'D Here we go, my stuff of manipulation :3 Chars: Icons: Tiles: These are all edits and I hope they are useful :3 Maybe more from the wolf later^n.n^ ->!Important!<-

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