1. TheDrifter

    Plugin for Item/Skill notetags to restore percentage of their max TP, or more than 100 TP flat

    Hi! I've searched for a plugin that could do this, but haven't found any. Basically, some of the characters and/or classes in a project I'm working on have more than 100 max TP. I'm looking for a way to create skills or items that can... a. (mandatory) restore a percentage of the max TP of...
  2. tale

    Trb - RestoreBattle (Battle Save)

    RestoreBattle - Version 1.00 (2017/1/14) Creator name: Trb Overview Allows you to save in battle and resume the battle from the battle save. Features - Save and restore is done through plugin commands. - To reset the battle save, run the script $gameSystem._battleSaveData = [] <Plugin...
  3. Khaz

    [Solved] Recovery on level up

    Hello. I've been searching for a script for a while now that recovers your character HP and MP upon leveling up, however all I found were MV plugins really. I tried to see whether it was doable without scripting ( like via common events, but I couldn't really think of how to go about it, since...
  4. How do I get an item to use itself on Party Defeat?

    I have been trying to create an item like the Plume of Dusk from Persona 3. The idea is that the item is a safety net for less experienced players. Once the party is defeated, there is a choice to use the item, which revives all party members with full HP and MP. It looks like the kind of thing...
  5. Gain Percent HP

    I am looking for some sort of script or plugin to have my part gain percent HP and MP at a common event or outside of battle.
  6. Mr. Trivel

    Restore HP/MP/TP

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Restore HP/MP/TP Created: 2016-03-15 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Allows actors, classes, weapons, armors or states to restore HP/MP/TP after winning a battle or leveling up.   Screenshots: Battles were way difficult to get a nice...
  7. DeyJay5

    How do you fully restore your actors HP and MP at the end of every battle?

    I want to be able to have all of my party members HP and MP restored at the end of every battle automatically. How do you do this?
  8. Geoff Moore

    Major issue with move route event positions after restoring a game

    I was testing my game today when I came across a pretty major issue. If an event uses a sequence of move routes (broken up with messages in this case) and the player saves during the sequence then upon restoring the saved game the event returns to it's original position, before executing the...
  9. Takemypassword

    MP regenaration script

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a script that gives the characters 0 MP at the beginning of a battle and at the start of their turn they get a fixed amount of MP to use which gets added on to their existing MP. As far as I can tell, you can do this with a percentage of yout total MP using states...

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