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  1. nightsoils

    would this work in rpgmaker 2k? hand drawn gifs and retro graphics

    hello!!!!! i've been planning out a game and i think rpgmaker 2k might be the right program for me. however, there's certain things i want to do, and i need to make sure they are even possible before i buy it. first, i really really want to go for a retro style, like below, with pixel sprites...
  2. VisitorsFromDreams

    RMMV Shooty and the Catfish (RSW) Episode 1 Available Now

    Its nice to be a hero isn't it? To be someone that people look up to and are inspired by? Does that mean you have to do anything that could be considered necessarily heroic?... Probably not. You could always just travel to Van Diemans Land and kill an ancient god for fame and fortune. I mean if...
  3. shadefoundry

    The 2k3 Nostalgia Pit

    Hello all, I did these for a project I'm working on but it was brought to my attention that others might like to have them too, so today I bring you pretty much the entire RPG Maker 2003 RTP resized and formatted to work with VXAce. Included are: All of the Monster Battlers All of the...
  4. Lunarea

    3 New products released, one product updated

    Old School Modern 2 is an add-on pack for the Old School Modern tile pack. With a focus on characters and battlers, Old School Modern 2 is the perfect addition to retro pixel games. To read more and see screenshots, click here. Member+, don't forget your discount! UPDATE: We have also updated...

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