retro rpg

  1. quackenbirdt

    Netherkeep - A 16-bit Dungeon Crawler

    NETHERKEEP v. 1.0 Made with RPG Maker MV SYNOPSIS Four condemned daredevils wakes in an underground dungeon. Stalked by the relentless denizens of the Netherkeep, they are drawn into a struggle for survival that neither the living, nor the dead could provide an escape. SCREENSHOTS FEATURES...
  2. nightsoils

    would this work in rpgmaker 2k? hand drawn gifs and retro graphics

    hello!!!!! i've been planning out a game and i think rpgmaker 2k might be the right program for me. however, there's certain things i want to do, and i need to make sure they are even possible before i buy it. first, i really really want to go for a retro style, like below, with pixel sprites...
  3. OceansDream

    RMMV [RSW] Cast Ashore

  4. boyflea

    RMVXA Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff

    SUPER DUNGEON MASTER: Quest for the Firestaff! v2.0 NOW RELEASED! A top-down remake of the 1987 FTL classic Dungeon Master., complete with all 24 original characters – and bonus areas! Lovingly remade in VXAce, featuring original artwork and a host of wonderful music, it can be breezed through...
  5. kail200x

    Lingering Text Boxes (or Retro RPG Dialogue)

    So, I'm making a little project for my nephew and I'm doing the dialogues in this style: Here's me trying to actually replicate it: (Excuse the poor quality.) Basically, what I'm looking for is a script that will cause a text box to remain onscreen after...

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What features would yall like to see in a quest system?
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