1. Quanee

    SRD HudMaker

    Hi, I've just started using SRD's Hud Maker, and I'm having an issue. It doesn't seem to be returning any values. I'm literally copying everything he does in the video, yet all that appears on my screen is text alone. For example - in the video linked below he types in something as simple as...
  2. RPG_Lover

    I decided to Return!!!

    Hey there, If any of you from the old rpgmakervx.net Forum...Well I hope you remember me, I am RPG_Lover (Demon of the Forum) I just wanted to make that little announcement that it is the real me. I am the Same RPG_Lover from back in the old community and I would like to see some old faces if...
  3. zacheatscrackers


    Hey all, zach here. I've recently gotten back into the game developing and have been working on a new RPG Maker MV game little by little over the past couple years. I was debating coming back for a while, but felt it'd be weird if I just popped in to advertise my new game here and there and...
  4. Mooshry

    I'm back, buddies!

    The reason I was gone for like, a year was... technical difficulties.
  5. DoubleRaineBow

    Remove, Recall, and Combine Inventory

    The main idea here is that there are two parties that the player is able to switch between. So when the player switches from Party A to Party B and the player goes into Party B's inventory, they don't see any items, weapons, armors, and key items that the player as Party A collected. Eventually...
  6. Razvan Sedekiah

    Returning home to RPG maker ^_^ Excited to be back!

    Hellu... My name is Razvan Sedekiah aka Kim, but you can call me Raz! Due to health and financial reasons I had to leave the RPG maker community a few years ago. But things are doing well enough now, that I can try again. I've used many different RPG maker versions, but I'm focusing on...
  7. Dante S. Ryu

    Exporting RMMV Games as APK for androids

    Hi, I was trying to export an APK file from a RMMV project and put it on Google Play. I did it with Intel XDK, following tutorials, then I got my APK uploaded. Then, however, I realise there are some problems. 1.) There is no "Back Button" in option menu, which is on the title page...
  8. Saro0fDemons

    Jail System help please!

    The idea is this. After a particular boss fight(should you lose) your party is chucked into prison and your items are taken away. One member of the party manages to get free and uses the air vents (which form a sort of dungeon) to get to their gear and the keys to the cell. My problem is...
  9. Simon D. Aelsi

    From the ashes of doubt burn a NEW FLAME of unbridled .. oh, I'm back, people!

    Formerly known as Iron Croc-- After a very long hiatus, I have returned. Life lesson, kids,  Don't let yourself get too stressed out! About ANYTHING! Anyhoo, life events and drama happened so I was out of commission. Bigtime. But now I'm back to stay.  Slowly but surely, I will get done what...
  10. LRDean_Socks

    Socks Returns

    Hello there everyone. I am animesock52....not my real name....               I'm not really all that new, but I left for almost a year now, I believe. Just allot happened and I wasn't able to visit here. I lurked around sometimes, but rarely.  However, I am back and ready to get involved. I am...
  11. Matseb2611

    Revisiting a Town

    This is something I got thinking about today and I am not sure if this topic has been done before, but here goes. When playing an RPG and you have to return to/revisit a town that you've been in already earlier in the game, how much of it do you prefer would change by the time you've revisited...
  12. Treegen

    Doors and keys

    Any help with going back through a door that you just came through on the same map? i made a door and it needed a key and the key worked but everytime i try to go back through it, it doesn't let me :/ i fiddled around with it and i was able to go back but now i can walk through the door and its...
  13. ZoroarX

    No Save, No Return Point!

    ZoroarX here asking another question. Well, today, in my project, there will be a part only for experienced players (After the Main Story, of course). It's called the No Return Point, when you just enter that point, you'll save, but then until you get out of there, you won't be able to save...

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