1. captainhellfireband

    New Pirate Game! Bloodbeard's Revenge

    Ahoy mateys! Just thought I'd let ye all know that the first chapter of me new pirate game, Bloodbeard's Revenge be launching November 24th! https://hellfirestudios.itch.io/bloodbeards-revenge Bloodbeard's Revenge: Chapter 1 - A Message From The Gods Avast ye scallywags! Rum, pillaging...
  2. Bowmanimmortal

    Voice Line Request!

    Hey, so I'm making a game called , and I need some VOICE LINES! Requirements: You have to be male, have a deep voice, and not mind your voice being in my game. You will have to record the voice line in two formats. The voice line has to have a .m4a version and a .ogg version. This is what you...
  3. captainhellfireband

    RMVXA Pirate Rpg: Bloodbeard's Revenge

    Ahoy shipmates! Here be a wee look into me game, Captain Hellfire and The Wretched Brethren: Bloodbeard's Revenge. She be a pirate rpg, set on a ship and later a cursed island. I've been slaving away on 'er for about 4 years or so now (and also running a pirate band, hence the long development...
  4. Mystical Balance

    Story:   Nataleigh and her close friend Thomas is warned by Alec, a friend of Thomas about an attack on someone in Thomas family. They were looking for something but were unable to find it. After finding the thieves they learn a man who goes by the name of Ryder is the one who paid for them to...

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