1. FuryDr00d

    Reversing Animations!

    So I have teleport Ins and Outs. They use the default animations, I just rigged them to look like teleports. So some of them are usable for both in and out, but some aren't. However, when the animations plays backwards, it works. I am copying the last slide and pasting it as the first one and so...
  2. Jonforum

    random boolean + reverse equation?

    hi, there is a more elegant way to write this code ? in my context, i would like to inverse the proprety easeX but randomly. if(Boolean(Math.round(Math.random()))){ obj.easeX = ~obj.easeX+1;}; if(Boolean(Math.round(Math.random()))){ obj.easeY = ~obj.easeY+1;}; if one...
  3. TwilightKnight1

    Stat Reverse

    So in Persona Q there are these 'reverse' accessories that would swap a certain stat with another while said accessory is equipped. (Example: St-Ma reverse would switch Strength and Magic, so 40 strength and 20 magic becomes 20 strength and 40 magic) I bring this up because I want to do...
  4. Time control/manipulation/fastforward/reverse/stop

    A lot of puzzle rpgs include some time powers, but I have yet to find one with full time powers. Imagine being able to reverse, stop, and fast forward time at will and having the power to undo your last action. You could use it to create Majora's Mask paradoxes, solve puzzles Braid style, or...
  5. S.Court

    Reverse buff/debuff

    Hello everybody, I have a doubt might someone can solve I want to make an ability like Topsy-turvy in Pokemon, if you don't know what is I'll explain it: it'll totally reverse the buff and debuff the target has (if it has 2 buff in attack, it'll change them into 2 debuff) well, I asked that in...

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