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    RMMV IGMC 2017 Secret Santa

    Hello all and welcome to the IGMC 2017 Secret Santa thread! The way this thread works is you post that you wish your game to be reviewed by another forum member, and in return you will review a game as well. To begin, post a link to the game you wish to be reviewed. You can use the thread page...

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I was wondering why Skyler's hair looked weird on their new sprite. Well I forgot adding their iconic hairband
Anyone up to give Holder, TRIDIUM, GenericFantasyDev and Black Mage the fight of their lives?
Go ahead.
"The internet made everyone way too comfortable with disrespecting each other and not getting punched in the face."
I woke up a touch early and was going to draw by the fireplace until it’s a more appropriate noise-making time, but I left my stylus AND my glasses (WHAT?!) upstairs and it’s just too cold to get out of the blanket now.
Made some simple samples with the Time Reversal Mechanic. It would be interesting to make a bigger puzzle where you could dynamically choose which elements are affected by the time reverse. But if there's much more than move routes and waits, it's starts to get too annoying for my brain :D Like even that exploding bomb was such a bother.

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