1. PixeLockeT

    IndieWednesdie - I want games to LP/Critique?

    So my New Year's resolution, besides to just grow my game dev, art, singing, programming, etc. skills, is to overcome my longstanding intense fear of fame and ignite my YouTube channel and websites! Because I love indie games, I'm going to try to post LPs of indie games on Wednesdays under...
  2. Zelgadis85

    IGMC18 reviews by Zelgadis85

    Figured since I'm going to review some games I'd post them here. Notice: I'm not biased, I judge games by how entertaining and hooking they are for me. Some people may disagree with me, and that's perfectly fine. I might sound harsh, but I'll try to find out the good things about the games as...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Omni's IGMC Reviews

    Alright. It seems as if I have some time on my hands while I recover from this stroke. While I'm still developing my own game, it'll be nice to take a break and play some games. So, with that being said, I'm going to post some of my reviews on here. I'm not taking requests to review your game...
  4. slimmmeiske2

    RMXP Slim reviews [Time to play the Game!]

    Muahahahaha I'll be playing and reviewing some IGMC games. When the contest ended I made a list of games to play, so I'm (finally) going through them right now. Important things to note: I play the contest version. If by any chance, you want me to try again and play an updated version, just...
  5. Rhino

    RMMV IGMC Hidden Gems!

    There's been so many amazing entries into this year's IGMC, but with 250 things to look at, it's really easy for games to go under the radar. I wanted to share some games that I think deserve more attention than they're getting. These have made it on my list for the clear amount of effort, high...
  6. Lucy Fox

    RMXP IGMC Short Reviews (for everyone to participate)

    Hey there! ^w^/) I remember we had a thread in 2015 where people could just throw in some short reviews for the games they played. So I thought it could be a useful thing to do it again! :kaojoy: So, everyone can drop their short reviews here. And by short... I mean short. Like: GameTitle...
  7. Ultim

    Ultim1337Gamer Reviews !!

    Hi There ! So,I decided to make a review thread to review IGMC games.Please Bear in mind that i'm not a good reviewer,and I hope i'll get better soon.                                                            WELCOME TO               ULTIM1337 REVIEWS !! If you would like me to review your...
  8. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Paladin-Cleric's Awesome Reviews!

    Ok, I'm doing it this way because otherwise I'd be very confused over who I reviewed and who I hadn't. Please bear with me, I'm not a very good reviewer, but I'm hoping to get better.     I will try to update regularly, Current Reviews will be moved at the end of each (of my) days for easier...

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