1. Karbonic

    Battle Event Revive

    Hi! I'm working on a Hydra-esque boss which has three heads and a body. The parts are all separate enemies. The heads are easy to kill, but they quickly come back. Every six turns, I'd like for the heads to reappear. I don't want the body to have to use a revive spell, but I can't figure out how...
  2. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMMZ Revive after battle...

    Hello game devs, Looking for a plugin or another way in order to revive all dead party members after battle. I would like for them to be revived back at 1 HP. Any help would be greatly appreciated =^_^=.
  3. Parlu10

    Revive enemies

    Hello everyone, I'm stuck with a boss battle, and I need help. I have this boss that's divided in three body parts, and you must destroy first legs and arms, then you can hit the head. However, after some turns the head will "revive" arms and legs. In conclusion, this is my question: How can I...
  4. ovate

    Torigoya_AutoItems (Automatic use of items or skills)

    Torigoya_AutoItems - 2019/05/12 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview Automatic use items or skills when damaged by enemy. (like 'Auto Potion' and 'Auto Phoenix') ( **This plugin cannot use Attack-skill** ) Features Actor / Class / Weapon / Armor / Enemy / State note tags for Note field...
  5. Ed19

    boss revive mechanic

    I need help with my final boss revive mechanic, let's say like this : Boss A Minion 1 Minion 2 The boss has the "minion shield" buff, so the boss is completely invulnerable when the minions are still alive. So, here's my plan : I would like the boss revives all minions after 3-5 turns after...
  6. [Problem] Enemies keep respawning

    Okay, so, I have an event which starts "Battle Processing..." and begins a certain encounter when the character steps on it. The problem is that, after deployment, the three enemies in the encounter keep reviving on their own at the end of every turn! I have nowhere set anything like this to...
  7. miyanke

    Conservation of Life from Bravely Default

    Hi everyone I need ideas to create a state in wich if the character is dead the other dead allies become alive. This idea come from the hability "conservation of life" (CoL) from Bravely Default game and is explained as "When K.O.'d, revive all allies and fully restore HP." Any help? I...
  8. McKathlin

    Custom Game Over - development version

    Fellow MV developers, I'd like to present to you the Custom Game Over plugin (find the thread for the stable version here), and request your help testing two features that I'm trying to make sure are properly bugfixed. If your game freezes up or has other problems while you're using it, please...
  9. Nirvis

    How do you make a revival item?

    So I tried to make a revival item but it didn't seem to work. When I tried it in battle this error came up: Here is the item I used: Any ideas what I did wrong? Also I want it so that I cannot use it on alive actors (if possible I would like it to not be able to target alive...
  10. McKathlin

    Custom Game Over behavior

    Custom Game Over Version 1.3 by McKathlin Introduction Change what happens when the party dies or an event calls Game Over processing. In some games, after the party dies they find themselves in a recently visited safe place, where they can continue their game with all...
  11. MeowFace

    Auto Revive State

    Made for a request here. This script allows a state to auto revive and heal the actor when he/she is dead during the state is applied. Features: [1] Auto revive when dead [2] Able to set heal % for revive [3] Able to set animation for revive [4] Able to set whether or not to reset states...
  12. Revive spells not working on enemies.

    I have a very serious problem with my game. In the early versions of the game, enemies can cast revive-type spells on each other with no problems at all. However, for some odd reason, in recent versions of my game, any revival spell stops working with enemies, period. The battle log says that...
  13. Changing "Stimulate" item to be an auto-revive for a single player game?

    I am making a single player game and am making a more realistic game so no magic. So I was wanting to know if there was a way to make an item or replace the Stimulate item to be an auto revive instead of a simple revive comrade? I am brand new to rpg maker but am learning pretty fast. This is...
  14. Arisete™

    Leader Revive Snipplet

    I been trying several events/common events to try and make it so if the party leader dies during battle, he/she is revived with 1 HP when the battle is over. I only want the LEADER to get revived, the other members remain dead but can be revived with Items. I tried Yanfly's Death Events and it...

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