1. Krystek_My

    More than three weapon frames.

    Hi! I have a simple question: Is there any way (script) that will make the weapon have more than 3 frames? I am asking cause I want to my battlers have more than 3 frames(Yami's scipt). Thanks in advance. P.S. I know Rexal's Plugin, but it doesn't work with Yanfly.
  2. Rexal

    Enhanced Side-View Battlers

    Enhanced Side-View Battlers v0.1a Rexal Intro - Have a weird sprite sheet with a template like this? No problem! ESVB will get the job done and give you the freedom to use your own templates, no matter how ridiculous they might be! Please note that this is in a very early state so it's prone...
  3. SkyMajesty

    Rexals Visual Equipment + Yanfly Bug

    Hi java supporters, Got a problem with the rexals visual equipment + the yanfly party system plugin. If one clicks between the actors, the facial graphics overlap. They are not "updated" or the previous ones do not go away. Also, the names and the charset are not displayed properly. I...
  4. Rexal

    Visual Equipment!

    Visual Equipment v1.1b Rexal   Intro - Want your equipment to actually show up on your actors? Now you can!     The Plugin(v1.1a) - Here   Demo - Here   Github Repository - Here   Due to its complexities, I highly recommend downloading the demo. I even tried reducing the file size as much as...

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