1. LudwigAshari

    (RMMV) Someone knows how to recreate the colours of the Text Manager in RGB?

    (First of all, sorry if my english is a bit... well... lacking. I'm still improving it, and I refuse to use that abominable thing known as Google Translate. If I want to butcher a language, I prefer to try to learn it to later butcher it with my ugly attempts of writing in said language...
  2. ovate

    Control Character Color Expansion

    Control Character Color Expansion 2014/10/12 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction This script expands on control character for color over 31. Instructions: On line 16, you can add more colors by following color code format (R , G , B [,A ]), For text event, type \c[32-35...] to change text...
  3. Rink27

    Obtain current tint's RGBG values?

    Is there a way to obtain the current screen tint's red, blue, green and grey values? At any point in time I'm curious in retrieving these values and storing them into 4 variables so they can be referenced elsewhere.
  4. ovate

    Trb - TextColor (Hex Color Code)

    TextColor - Version 1.00 Creator name: Trb Overview A plugin that allows text color to be selected from Hex Color Code. Features - It allows you to define the color code with #000000~#ffffff by using the control character \c[ ] - For more detail, please search "color hex code" online...

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