1. vico

    Gamba Caterpillar + Chrono Trigger CMS

    Anybody know of any way to make both scripts compatible? I know Train Actor can be used with the party rearrange function of the CMS, but this script doesn't allow me to move the other party members and such. In counterpart Gamba Caterpillar allow the user to literally "assign" the first x...
  2. vico

    Chrono Trigger battle system to RGSS1

    Hi! This is similar to what i was requested for MV, but this time for RMXP (seems like i will use this because i'm more familiar with). Basically, this is an ATB-based on-map battle system. A gameplay from this game follows for reference (40:03 for normal enemy; 57:19 for boss): I think...
  3. Schlangan

    XP to MV conversion script - Version 1.00 released.

    Hello everyone, Since MV is out, let's start serious business. As you all know, a Ace to MV converter has been developed by Shaz, but we're currently lacking a XP to MV converter. Unlike VXAce which is similar to MV in terms of database, XP is a tad older, and uses different mechanics...
  4. slimmmeiske2

    [XP] Trying to use Ccoa's UMS and Fukuyama's Caterpillar script

    So I've been using ccoa's UMS for a long time now, but in my current project I'm using her comic style messages. Everything works fine, except for centering the messages on other actors in the train. I tried using her caterpillar script, but it gave me errors, so I decided to use Fukuyama's...
  5. Randommerade

    Trying to make a hunger, energy, karma system with CCTS

    So I'm trying to make a hunger, thirst, and karma system using this guide to make the HUD and such, but rather than the system going by the number of steps to deplete hunger and thirst, I wanted to use this time system script so that your hunger and thirst deplete as the hours go by, and that...
  6. Zalerinian

    [RGSSx] RGSS Internet Manager

    RGSSx Internet Manager v1.0.0 - March 31st, 2014 Introduction The internet manager script allows a developer to download data directly from the internet. The included ruby portion of the data (it is split between ruby script and C++ DLL) will allow script developers to include the location of...
  7. MetalZelda

    Need help for looping something dealing with Game_Player

    Hi :) I was editing a script for my project (Zelda Eternal Struggle) and I need your help ! I tried every wait command (wait(frame); frame.time { Graphic.update }) but don't work eigher, frame.time freeze the game while it plays the Sound Effect. Hum, I need some help ... The SE works in...
  8. Terv

    Using the VX Ace engine in your XP games - the kiss tutorial!

    How to use the VX Ace engine in your XP games in no more than 10 minutes - keep it simple, stupid! Auf theutsch bitte 1. Introduction In the following I am going to explain you how to use the engine of VX Ace (RGSS301.dll + Game.exe) in combination with your XP games which I fully entrust to...

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