1. Darth Equus

    (RGSS2) Names of some items not visible on custom store menu.

    Hello. Hope someone can help me with two slightly annoying problems. I'm using a custom script for a synthesis shop, which I posted a bounty to fix a major problem for, and it seems to be working fine now. The only issue I have now is that the names of any items below the window are either cut...
  2. sebarz

    Autosave script ¿it is possible? ¿exists?

    Hello everybody, i hope you're doing well. I wondering if there exists any script to enable an autosave on my project. Any type of script or similar thing it helps alot. Thanks in advance. Regards
  3. Clockwarkgate

    Show picture when item is used

    request; I know its possible with common event but I want it without the use of common events.Just via script. Function1; I use "Satan's Letter", the item menu won't close instead the picture will fade in (15wait) over the menu and opens a transparent/invisible text box. if you push exit (X...
  4. Yokiko

    How does Glitchfinder's "Multiple Timers" Script Work?

    Hello everyone! Sooo, I tried to figure this out for at least 24 hours, but I did not find a solution. It's about a script called "Multiple Timers" by Glitchfinder. As the title implicates, it lets you several timers that run independently from each other. Even though it was originally made for...
  5. Elder

    RGSS For Newbies (Ongoing Series)

    Hey gales and guys! I'm known as Elder (or Gamezopher). A few of you may remember me for a game I've released a decade ago with RPG Maker VX. A long time ago I've released a commercial game with RPG Maker VX: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_Eden I've decided to resurrect a series of...
  6. Puffer

    Parallax Mapping script for VX?

    Hello, I'm looking for a parallax mapping script for RPG Maker VX. I have spend some time searching on Google but most the result are for VX Ace and some VX script I found are all dead. So I hope if anybody have parallax mapping script for VX can send it to me. Also, if you can then I'm also...
  7. tomoki

    parallax mapping

    Does anyone have the Yanfly or Hanzo Kimuras scripts with demos or instructions? I used to have it and then it got lost.
  8. PLEASE HELP WITH GubiD's Tactical Battle System!!!

    Jul 6, 2017 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmg2evmbngw/GTBS_VX+v1.0+release.zip This is the link to his rgss2 demo. (I use rpg maker vx) The problem is, whenever one saves after a battle it gives you the error: Script 'Scene_File' line 214: Type Error occurred. no marshall_dump is defined for...
  9. GubiD's Tactical Battle System Help!!!!!!

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmg2evmbngw/GTBS_VX+v1.0+release.zip This is the link to his rgss2 demo. (I use rpg maker vx) The problem is, whenever one saves after a battle it gives you the error: Script 'Scene_File' line 214: Type Error occurred. no marshall_dump is defined for class...
  10. omnikeith

    I need a RMVX script rewritten for RMVX Ace.

    I found a script i want to use for my Rpg maker VX Ace game but it's written in VX. I need someone to rewrite it for Ace for me.  The script is a crafting script that uses a 3x3 grid to mix items like Minecraft.
  11. SpringPie

    Keeping a picture on screen

    Hello all! If this is not the right place to post this, please feel free to put it somewhere else. I've made an extra button in my menu called "torch" and when you click this it asks if you want to use the torch. When you click "use torch" I've got my script to show a picture and when you...
  12. Revival

    Need a fix for (???nOBodY???'s Weapon Cycler) [VX]

    Hello everybody, this is a script I requseted a friend named ???nOBodY??? make for me a long time ago.   I thought the script worked fine until recently when I finally caught on to a bug I'd been having that I didn't understand - now I've isolated the issue. The script works by adding +1 to...
  13. Script for auto-changing keyboard controls

    So I'm making that a game that is almost near completion, and I have set specific controls for the player in order to prevent awkward controls. Here is a screenshot that shows the controls intended for the finalized game: Problem: When I playtest the game, the controls that I have set using...
  14. Force closing game?

    One of the games that I'm making involves a creepy ending, where the game immediately force closes after viewing the game's credits. Is there a way to activate this action using events, or will this need to involve some script call? I looked around, but I only got answers in the RPG Maker VX...
  15. Clockwarkgate

    Force Shutdown Script

    Calling a script that will force shutdown the game in an instant.
  16. Clockwarkgate

    Requesting 'Exploding state'

    Need a "State Script" that activates when the character with the state is attacked. Here is the mechanic: ...so basically, just like "Thorn Bind Hostage" effect.
  17. Erangot

    [VX] Pick-Up Script and Event Cloning

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone would help me out regarding the scripts I use for this game I'm developing. For my farming system I am using Sinmora's Gift & Pickup Script and FlipelyFlip's/Kread-Ex's Cloning Script which I will post later at the bottom (since I can't find the original links...
  18. Erangot

    Getting Events' Coordinates

    Hi there, how do I get an event's x and y coordinates? For the player's position I type "$game_player.x" or "$game_player.y" in the event's script. But how can I get an event's coordinates where I put the script into? ---- Sorry for the trouble, I'm very much inexperienced with scripting...
  19. Rewriting a Script from Another System

    I found this script that I want to use, but I can't read it. Do I just change my computer's locale to try and see, or should I somehow rewrite it? I'm not in the scripting department so I really don't know. This script refers to my original...
  20. Help with inputting script

    I have no idea where to put this script. Can someone show me please? And by script I mean the little part to give the skill the ability to use HP instead of MP. modern algebra's script : http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=24999.0

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