1. Clockwarkgate

    Delete Save Game while in game

    This is what I wanna happen..... 1.) I'll call a "script" with the use of event 2.) Forces the game to delete all existing save data. 3.) Hahahaha!  BD Nier spoiler down here: Seriously, I need a script like this. To be more specific, the script is for RGSS2.
  2. Funplayer

    Unlock RGSS Window Resize - Pnp graphics add-on

    Introduction Ever been annoyed at that default window not being resizable?     Maybe you're more advanced, and just want the window bars to disappear, or you want to set the minimize button to be available?     How about that annoying bar at the top that just won't go away while tinkering...
  3. Ssozi

    [XP/VX/Ace] ItemMax

    Allohah everybody ! I'm glad to show my last little creation (very useful jajaja) ItemMax Authors : Biwy/Ssozi License : Just ask for commercial use. Features : - It allows you to change the maximum amount we can have of each object. - Works for items, weapons and armors. - No script...
  4. Ssozi

    Specific Drop

    Hi everybody, A long time ago, someone requested me a script and here I am ! I share it with everybody.   Specific Drop I've no image to describe this, sorry The script is here, and he allows you to have a specific drop when you kill enemy A with skill B. For those who use the Victory...
  5. Milena

    RGSS2 to RGSS3 equivalents

    I was wondering if some of the functions of RGSS2 was not retained in RGSS3? There are things I was looking for and sadly I can't find them, or were they upgraded for some sort? For example: return if state_ignore?(state_id) unless state_offset?(state_id)state_ignore? and state_offset...
  6. Zalerinian

    [RGSSx] RGSS Internet Manager

    RGSSx Internet Manager v1.0.0 - March 31st, 2014 Introduction The internet manager script allows a developer to download data directly from the internet. The included ruby portion of the data (it is split between ruby script and C++ DLL) will allow script developers to include the location of...
  7. Funplayer

    [VX] 1/11/2013 - Ready - Event Manipulation - Virtual System

    # ---------------------------------- # # Update : 1:13pm 1/11/2014 # # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #   Well schools gonna start soon, so I figured I'd release what I've done so far. !!!DISABLE...
  8. flixbeat

    Improve Custom Status Window

    Improved Custom Status Window v1.1 Author: Flixbeat Introduction So I decided to name this script as Improved Custom Status Window, yes.. just another status window with a twist.  Objective of this script The main objective of this script is to allow the game creator to modify the terms...
  9. flixbeat

    [RGSS2] Window Selectable Problem

    Straight to the point:   So I created a  selectable window which has 5 items to select with(command1..command5), I adjusted the window height to 100 so at first you can only see 3 commands(command1..command3). See image below. if you press down key further more, you should be able to see...
  10. modern algebra

    Convince Strangers to Write Scripts for You!

    How to Convince Strangers to Write Scripts for You Purpose of the Tutorial Scripters, by and large, approach requests wanting to write a script for you. If your request fails to generate a response, you have not just failed to persuade a scripter to accept your request, you have actually...
  11. Mithran

    Support: Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

    This topic is to address the causes and possible solutions to the infamous "random" Game.exe crashes of RGSS2 player (RPG Maker VX). This is for RGSS2 / RPG Maker VX only, and does not apply to the other makers. This thread is for those who have encountered an error similar to this: This...
  12. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    [XP, VX or ACE] How to (programmatically) know if the game is fullscreen?

    Hello there, soldiers! I have a little question... hmm, two little questions to ask here. The first one is, basically, the title of this topic: How to, programmatically, know if the game is full screen? There's a "secret" built-in flag in the RGSS that determines it? Back in time, I used a...
  13. FenixFyreX

    VX to Ace Project Conversion Program

    Intro Do you want to convert your RPG Maker VX project to RPG Maker VX Ace? I created this program so that others can convert their vx projects to ace. vx2ace.exe is your solution. What it Does This program converts the following to ace: Actors Classes Skills Items Weapons Armors...
  14. IceDragon

    VX2Ace - VX Project Converter

    Long overdue update for VX2Ace to version 0.91 (mostly re-factoring and a port to linux) Since I no longer develop for RM, this release may contain a truck load of bugs, sorry in advance. Truth and fact, I have no idea why I'm updating this anyway... Further details are present on the github...
  15. Neon Black

    Slo-mo Script

    Slo-mo Script V1.0 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script will allow you modify the frame rate of the game simply by changing the value of a variable. The frame rate can be increased or decreased depending on your need at the present moment. This script also has a simple graphical...
  16. Neon Black

    Animated Battler Graphic Script (+demo)

    Animated Battler Graphic Script V1.0 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script will allow you to use animated battle sprites with the default battle system. There's really not much more to it than that. The script is entirely plug and play and just requires graphics to work (sold...

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