rgss3 script

  1. I need Help for RMVX Ace, please.

    Hello, sorry my english is not good. I need help because I would like to find a solution to update the script. without going through "new game" each time. I add new content to the script as the game progresses but when loading the save the addition of the script is not taken into account. I...
  2. Kim_Shyuen

    Looking for Map Auto-Scroll script

    Hi guys! I randomly saw a gif that include this "resilience scrolling map" effect. The map will automatically scrolls a little back when player stop moving (it looks really natural) Is there any script provide this effect? Thanks! (Apologies for my broken english)
  3. _Shadow_

    Request: Encounters. Control them using a script command.

    So I was thinking, we right click on a map name on the map list. We select Map Properties. And there is that huge Encounters List that is empty. We fill it with Troop to encounter, weight and range (whole map or a region). Question 1: Assume you got a map called MyMap. Can what I described...

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