1. [VXACE] breathing script player actor sprite in field or map

    Hello RM members! could you help me please to make my player actor in field have breathing animation? Note: without breathing sprite, just use script. THANK YOU!
  2. redcachalot

    Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Name Input (+Math)

    Hello there! I am using an English language version of the RMVXA engine. While playtesting, whenever I choose Input Name Processing from the Edit Event Menu for an event on the map, the Latin Input Name screen appears and there is no option for any Japanese kana characters. Upon taking a look...
  3. Lunyc

    Encyclopedia with pictures script

    Hey, so, I've came back to VX Ace after using MV for a loooong time, and I started looking for an encyclopedia script but, since VX Ace is old at this point, most of the links are broken. I've managed to find a glossary script which works pretty well, but it doesn't allow to put pictures in it...
  4. Jaymonius

    In need of a Counter Attack script.

    To be specific. I just mostly need to figure out how to remove the automatic evasion and then counterattacking afterwards. But instead of just counter-attacking normally, they would counterattack with a skill of their choice. And another counter-attack based thing is if they are hit by a...
  5. Lonewulf123

    Adding an Image behind windows in Yanfly Victory Aftermath

    Hi, I'm currently working with Yanfly Victory Aftermath, and I wanted to customize things by showing a custom image behind the windows, aside from the window at the bottom that shows that party's battle banter. Script here...
  6. BCj

    Edit request of this script (RGSS3/VX Ace):

    So, I have this script from luna engine, but I'd like some small edits and haven't been able to do it myself. I use the command ring in my current project (type: 2 in the script) But there's two things I'd like added: 1. Show skills as gray if unaccessible. I have a skill that's only accessible...
  7. FirelordMaria

    XAS Hero Ace - Enemy HP condition

    Sorry if I ask too many questions about this script, but I want to know if it's possible to make an HP condition for bosses that runs some events depending on their HP, like dialogues and pattern changes. I've been looking for scripting help on this but I can't find anything, and unlike on my...
  8. Parallax Panda

    Galv's Menu Themes Engine 1.6 (text alignment fix)

    Hello, I'm using this script here by Galv but have encountered a small problem with text alignment when I changed the font: https://galvs-scripts.com/galvs-menu-themes-engine/ What happened is that when I changed the display font (inside the script) from Arial, which is a monospaced font, to...
  9. A-Moonless-Night

    Tomoaky Puzzle Battle - VX > VX Ace Conversion

    Tomoaky Puzzle Battle VX Ace Version: 1.03 Author: Tomoaky (original VX script) / AMoonlessNight (VX Ace conversion) Date: 17 Oct 2020 Latest: 19 Dec 2020 About This script is a port of a VX script by Tomoaky that recreates a falling block puzzle (based on the game Puyo Puyo). Blocks fall in...
  10. AloneForLong

    Small Script: Extended Graphics.resize_screen

    So, you know (if you ever use this anyway) that Graphics.resize_screen has an upper limit of 640 x 480. I was wondering if anyone knew how to modify it so that you can resize the screen however you want. Of course, Graphics is a hidden class, so I don't know how to access the Graphics class so...
  11. Lonewulf123

    [VXA] Actor Specific HP/MP Bar color

    Hello, I’m looking for a script or snippet that will let me choose what color an actor’s HP and MP bars will be. The only twist is, I would like the colors to be specific to the actor. for example, actor 1 could have green hp and mp bars, while actor 2 would have red ones. the only compatible...
  12. Polloyus

    GTW - Game Time Window

    If you use the script, credit Rhyan / Polloyus, both are codenames of mine. To go to the pastebin of script, click-me. What the script does is it shows the save time of the game. The window is located in the menu. Images: The font color (red) and the style is NOT from the script, it's...
  13. orochii

    [VXA] Special Transitions

    Special Transitions Version 1.00 Author: Orochii Zouveleki Introduction New kinds of transitions by using RGSS3 screen capture capabilities. Inspired on Fantasist's transition pack for RMXP. However this one was easier to do since RGSS3 has everything you need (?). So yeah! Features New kinds...
  14. Polloyus

    How to draw save-file temp in-game?

    Sorry for my bad English, i'm Brazilian. My question is: How do I draw the currente save game time in a window?
  15. redcachalot

    [RGSS3] Random Encounter Events

    Hi, This is a neat script that lets you CANCEL RANDOM ENCOUNTERS! The script can be obtained from Himeworks: Random Encounter Events It says that it can be done with a message from a common event with the variable in the script being the same as the ID of the common event. As much as I could...
  16. tvghost

    [RGSS3] Visual Equip - Trouble figuring out a feature

    Script link: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/visual-equip/ Requires: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/basic-module/ There's a feature written within the help guide that I'd like help with. The description is: "It's possible to have some...
  17. tvghost

    [RGSS3] Scene Interpreter + Event Animations - Picture Erase Error

    Script 1: http://himeworks.com/2013/03/scene-interpreter/ Script 2: http://himeworks.com/2014/11/scene-event-animations/ Context: Using this to display a picture + some extra animations right at the start of a scene, and want it to be disposed of once return_scene (exiting the scene) is...
  18. Robert Trent

    Problems with KHAS Message System's script

    Hello everyone. I am currently using the KHAS Message System in my game project. Although the script is really visually pleasing, I am experiencing some limitations/problems with it that are definitely hindering me: - The script changes the font and font size of ALL messages with text, not just...
  19. tvghost

    [RGSS3] RETCON Library - Detecting current entry

    Script is called RETCON LIBRARY: JOURNAL by McDohl. Link: https://rpgmaker.net/scripts/272/ I'm trying to detect the current entry that the Journal window is showing, in order to adjust info shown in a custom window. I feel like it has to do with this line (approx. line 338): entry =...
  20. Wyrelade

    [WS] CES - Character and Event Shadows (2019 Release)

    WyreScripts Character and event shadow Script version: 4.1 Future updates and plans: Support if plugin has bugs / issues. I can try to help fixing them. What is this script for: This script adds an image file shadow for your player character(s) and you can add or remove shadows from events...

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