1. Jaymonius

    Help with Teleport script.

    Hey there, Jaymonius here. Need a little assistance fixing this script. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/ace-easy-teleport.35552/ It was last updated six years ago, but one individual mentioned already on that script that whenever you cancel when using the teleport system, the...
  2. Seriously I need Help ASAP

    Introduction My name is Thomas and one of my important 2016 resolutions is to create my dream 2D game. However, I stumbled upon various problems as I develop some personal preference on how the game should run. The major problem at the moment is the lack of knowledge in scripting and lack of...

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I want to work on my reboot, but I don't have time to do it. ;_;
big image so i posted it as a spoiler
Just a reminder to back your projects up. Do it now! :yamero:
If there was an award for best game dev procrastination, I'd say 'meh, I'll pick it up tomorrow' >_>
Honestly though, I've been staring at the same half-made map for a while now haha! Ahhh, I'm so tired of mapping!
Time to add the support for import/export default RMXP maps. Maybe there will be customized tileset support later. In theory, I can reimplement the entire RMXP inside this RMXP-made game to make more RMXP games. :kaojoy:RMXPFORMATSUPPORT.jpg

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