1. Rin2595

    Yuki's Battleground Guns

    I'm working on a PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) inspired game and wanted to share the guns I made following BaconSmite's "style" in spriting. (Link to his thread here) I tried spriting the guns I needed myself (Even though I've never drawn in a PC before) I suggest using Yanfly's...
  2. Rainbow Jello

    RTP Custom Side View Battler Guns

    Here are some various guns I made using the default color palette for pistols. I think they turned out pretty neat. Credit Rainbow Jello and Enterbrain if you use them.
  3. xcom

    Looking for rifle Icons

    Hello again everyone! I'm looking for some rifle icons.  I did some searching, and all I can seem to find is hand gun, and machine gun icons.  I can't seem to find any decent looking rifle icons anywhere.  I'm looking mainly for sniper rifle looking icons for VX Ace if possible. Thanks!

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