1. Menu board

    Hello guys,i want to know if there are any scripts can use to change the menu board in the middle game? For example : I will use mogeko castle as a example This is when the menu board in the beginning of game(first picture) and it change in the middle game(second picture)
  2. How can I save set swithces after closing game? [SOLVED]

    Hi! I'm currently using RMVA to make my game and I know this japanese script that allows to save the set variables after closing game, but, can I do the same with switches? Thanks!
  3. Gniani

    [Solved] Time Cycle resets when changing maps

    I created a common event that uses a variable called time, each 600 frames (10 seconds) it increases by 1 (240 seconds to make 24 hours in the game), then another common event using conditions to make time progress, but when i change the map, the cycle resets, time was 10, it will go back to 0...
  4. nio kasgami

    Shaz Multi fog layer tileset issue?

    Hi people I use shaz multi fog layer the script can be found here so I settle all the fog and stuff  but when I settle my forest bunch to "X" and tree are settle correctly with the "X"  below and the star on the top for permit my character to pass but this occur a weird bug with the...

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